Review: Living Magick Learning Cards


Living Magick Learning Cards

Awhile back I was asked to review the new Living Magick Learning Cards by Jay and Jadzia DeForest and much to my surprise these cards are exactly what they profess to be, Educational Tools for Sacred Living… Each of these three new decks of learning flash cards (Tarot, Rune, and Astrology) come complete with learning cards, reference sheets, and a book unique to each deck. The Tarot flash card deck enables even the beginner to learn to read and divine the Tarot with a complete deck of 84 cards: 78 traditional cards and six informational cards. Each of which has the theme and keywords for both upright and reversed interpretations. The Rune deck contains 55 cards that aid in the learning the theme, keywords, pronunciation, and magickal workings, as well as reverse interpretation of each rune, and a quick reference sheet. While the Astrology learning cards aid in learning the basics of Astrology, they including the houses, planets, aspects, zodiac signs, simple chart casting, and quick reference sheet.

It is not very often such an absolutely astounding new learning tool comes along, but these new learning cards are a definite must have for beginners and expert alike.

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