Journey of a Witch

Sea To Shining Sea

“Treat the Earth well,
It was not given to you by your parents,
It was loaned to you by your children.”

Indian Proverb

We all want to do better for the earth. Many of us recycle, reuse, and cut down
on traveling when we can.

We celebrate Earth Day with festivals and have feel good talks on how we are making changes for the better.

Hey, we’re doing so much better now, aren’t we?

And yet…

Mother Earth is speaking.
We seem to not hear her in the hum of the city.
In the hum of the technology that surrounds us.
The hum is loud and drowning. It keeps our soul disconnected from Earth.

As children between Earth and Sky we used to feel her. We’d hear her breath in the ocean and her sighs upon the wind.

We listened to the gentle singing of the trees and the hum of life around us.
Harvesting the land, surveying the sky for storms,

becoming the animal in The Hunt, navigate  the land, and sea using the sun, moon, and stars.

Those were our tools.
We were a part of Earth.

Now, we live in cities, pay a lot of money for tools and capes and listen to our cell phone instead.
We travel far and wide to attend Pagan festivals  (some at sacred monuments) that create trash and congestion.

Mother Earth is not in those sacred monuments.
Just like Buddha is not in those statues and Jesus is not on that cross.

We use symbols to connect to the sacred but the sacred is not in the symbols.

The Sacred is the ground you are standing on, the air you breathe; your own breath.

I had a dream that the oceans went black.
Every ocean creature died.

Yes, Mother Earth is speaking.

She’s saying, “my children are dying.”

No one really knows what catastrophes or, for that matter, what good lies ahead.

What things will really be like if humans continue to argue about whose responsibility is it to change.
It’s like little children saying “I won’t go unless she goes.”

Earth has had many children, from volcano’s and lava to simple celled creatures to giants.
We are one of many and yet, on our watch we have managed to alter the face of Mother Earth with our own hands.

Not wind or water, but our human hands.

Yes, there have been massive extinctions and the earth has rebounded.
I suspect in given time she will rebound but perhaps without humans this time?
Maybe good for her, not so for us.

So with these hands let us pick up more trash.
Let us walk more, recycle more, and travel less.

Most importantly, let us demand more earth friendly energy.

While we are at it tell those huge companies like Monsanto to shove it and support a local farmer.
Your local farmer has more soul in the land than Monsanto, which is destroying farmers and the food we eat.

Speaking of the food we eat…

Animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors of global warming.

Go vegetarian, even if just part time.

I’ve advocated a vegetarian diet through-out my articles.

Perhaps like me, you’ve heard from people, stories of  how easy it was to become a vegetarian and how  they lost weight…blah blah blah.

Seems no one is saying anything different.

So, if you are struggling with becoming a vegetarian and feel guilty because it seems so easy for others, let me tell you something.

Is it hard? You damn well better believe it!

It’s friggen hard when you like a cheeseburger!

Nothing worth fighting for is easy, however so I keep on fighting.

I struggle with it and I’m not perfect. In my heart I know the pain and cruelty animals thought of as food experience.

It is not always convenient as a mom with 3 children but all I can do is try.

Find support anywhere you can including me, hey I’ll support you!
Being the only veg in a family can be a struggle for one who likes meat but wants to change.

I do not want what I haven’t got.
Support local businesses hey, why not learn to make some of your own things? We used to.
Before the age of consumerism, we did not know how much we wanted. We only knew what we needed and we created it ourselves.

I don’t need your poisoned weed killer Monsanto!

Keep the seas shining.

In the garden you grow, in the candles you make, and in the clothes you sew.
What you do with your hands will be the most important imprint you leave behind.

Forgo the Earth Day festivals and stay home.

If you wish to attend a festival, bike, carpool or ride the bus and make sure to clean up after wards.

Get digging, cleaning, and planting.
Make candles, soap or soup!
Celebrate Mother Earth with your heart, home and hearth.