The Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch Cleaning

Now we don’t all have to be complete domestic Goddesses, but a kitchen that is tidy and smells clean helps with energy I think.

When you are cleaning how about singing a song or playing some music?  Singing a Goddess or pagan song as you clean can really help raise the positive energy in your kitchen.  Doesn’t even have to be a pagan song, it can be one of your favourite disco ones if that’s what makes you happy and fills you with the energy to clean!

I always like to put on an apron when I am in the kitchen, it is somehow a mental switch that puts me into kitchen witch mode.

There are so many chemicals on the market now for cleaning, and yes they all work pretty well.  But, you can make safe, effective household cleaners from simple and natural ingredients. Check out the usefulness of lemon juice, baking soda and white vinegar for cleaning.  In fact some of the supermarkets even stock eco friendly cleaners now although these tend to be a bit more expensive.

Don’t forget the compost heap to, a lot of your kitchen scraps (no meat) can go into the compost bin to recycle themselves.

When I wash the floor in my kitchen I always add a few drops of essential oil, or even drop a herbal tea bag into the cleaning bucket.  Basil is good for protection, chamomile is excellent for purification and calm, try cinnamon for a happy and protected home, clove promotes love and purification, fennel is good for protection and lavender is wonderful for peace and happiness.  Rosemary works for cleansing and protection as does sea salt and sage is brilliant for purification.  Try some out and see what works best for you.

Once you have done the normal cleaning routine, give the room a sage smudge.  Let the smoke waft into all the corners, if you don’t like sage use your favourite incense instead.

I have the sort of cupboards that once in a while need a good clear out – usually when I open the doors and everything falls out I find is a good time to do it!  I put it off for a while as it seems boring, but once you have done it, and the cupboards are sorted and neatly arranged you get a wonderful feeling of achievement.

Once your kitchen is all clean, cleansed and tidy – enjoy it!  Make yourself a cup of tea maybe even grab a slice of cake and just sit there, feel the spirit of your kitchen. Usually it is the hub of any home, and if you have the space to put a chair in there it can also be a wonderful place to meditate or to ground and centre before you start your day.