Hally’s Hints

The Other Side of Transitions

Once in a while I find myself questioning what to express in my article. This tends to represent when I am in transition between vibrational shifts and as such, not completely aligned to my authentic self. It is as though my flow is blocked.

So, I thought I would use precisely this as the basis for this month’s article. I am sure there are some of you out there that know exactly what I am talking about and trust me, you are not crazy; you are increasing your vibrational level in an incredible way.

The sensation of transitions during vibrational shifts and all that comes with this can be extremely disorientating. Some of us may be familiar with the fluctuating emotions, the disorientation, the over sensitivity and eventually the amazing sense of clarity and connection to self in what seems a fresh new way.

More recently we have had the turmoil with earthquakes around the planet, beautiful Solstice, the lunar eclipse and I am sure there are more given where I have been playing in the past couple of weeks.

So, what can we do to assist with a smoother transition? Is there anything that can be done to retain our sanity without feeling like we are on our own planet and those that are not in tuned to this aspect of the planet, some of which are family and friends, look at us in a peculiar manner?

Here are a couple of suggestions on what to do depending on the extent of the shift and the length of the transition.


With meditation I personally prefer a guided meditation however, at the end of the day; it is whatever works for you to feel that sense of connection and the purpose of your connection in that moment.

Communication to Guides/Angels

Know that you are not alone in your journey. This can provide such a sense of relief knowing that there is support there ready to communicate with you and understand why everything is happening.

There is a multitude of ways of doing this and it is unique to each of us. Be open and see what comes through.


Grounding is a great way to connect to the physical and remove that sense of flightiness that can come through transitions.

  • There is the dowsing with white sage in the morning and evening.
  • There is the salt lamp and on tough days I hold the lamp, take 3 deep breaths in and out allowing the energy to cleanse.
  • There is the Reiki grounding (centre of palms on balls of feet – same hand to same foot) for several minutes.
  • Use plants, trees, earth, even if it is planting, this can provide a beautiful sense of reconnecting to the physical and to the earth centre.

Disconnecting / Reconnecting

What I mean by this is identifying what is overwhelmed during the transition, be it heart space, ethereal, and so forth, disconnecting and then reconnecting to centre to provide a better alignment. This is not recommended for the beginner and if in doubt have an experienced spiritual healer assist you.

Most of all be kind to yourself. Often being over sensitive is deemed as something negative. It is something extraordinary.

If transitions, vibrational shifts and the energetic world is part of who you are, embrace and allow the flow to lead you to complete the transition. When we fight this, we are endeavouring to put ourselves into a logical box which tends to make this worse and compounds the level of stress.

We are all unique in who we are and it is these variations of qualities that allow us to do what we do and be who we know we are. Love the journey!

(copyright 2011)