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A Year and a Day

It’s an expression heard frequently among Pagans.

A year and a day is a period of time often seen in many Pagan Religions. The most common usage is in reference to Handfasting.  Pagan Handfasting’s are not necessarily for life, as are Christian marriages.  It’s acceptable for a man and woman to ‘marry’ for a year and a day, before making a lifelong commitment. After the time has passed, they are free to go their separate ways should the relationship not work out. In the past it was used as a time to see if the coupe was fertile together… No so much of a concern in modern times.

Another area where a year and a day is a popular time frame is for training or initiation into a coven. Of course, different covens will have different initiation requirements, but a year and a day of study or apprenticeship is a common one. There is often another year and a day between degrees or levels within a coven. It’s usually considered a minimum period of time, rather than a definite length, as you cannot make life altering changes and decisions in less time than that.

A year and a day time period is still seen in modern times, in non-Pagan contexts: In the financial world, assets must be held for a minimum of a year and a day in order for them to be considered ‘long term.’ Light prison sentences in the US are sometimes for a year and a day. There are also a multitude of customs from times past, involving land holdings, legal status and more. If you’re thinking of committing yourself to a project of study, a year and a day would be a traditional choice.

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