Gems of the Goddess


When you see a crow or a raven, do you think of them as an omen or a message bringer?  Do you believe them unlucky or enchanting?

Crows and ravens are believed to have many meanings and interpretations.  Throughout history they have been known as creatures who can fly through the veil and back again, full of wisdom and power.

Naturally these mysterious beings would be in common contact with the intelligent Celtic Goddess Morrigan.  She has even been said to be one herself, flying over battle fields of war, and deciding the fate of the opposing side.  This made her claim the name of The Phantom Queen.

The Morrigan is one of the three daughters of Celtic Goddess Emmas and dates all the way back to the megalithic cult of the Mothers (Matrones, Idises, Dísir, and many more)   She was also known as the washer of the Ford, who rinsed the blood from warriors clothes after battle.  She has preformed many bold and outstanding acts throughout history, most of which are not known.  This Goddess pretty much does it all, making her very similar to Hecate in a sort of way.  She also helps with the cycle of birth and death.  She is the passageway to death and the passageway to birth, holding souls in her feathers to carry them where they need be.   She is a shape shifter and death itself, a dark association, but one that can be helpful and cleansing if approached with the right mindset.     

CONNECTING WITH MORRIGAN In ancient times, Morrigan’s followers would set out bowls of blood on their alters as an offering.  If this is not your thing, then feel free to set out a red cloth to symbolize the bloody clothing of the worriers.

Morrigan is a goddess to do some deep thinking with when you have a major decision to make.  She’s obviously very good at decisions since she decides the fate of people all the time.  Especially if your decision involves leaving something behind, or even making an internal decision about yourself.  She would encourage you to dive into the ugly black hole of things you don’t want to think about or things in your life that scare you.  We all have them, and they need to be dealt with in order to properly achieve our highest self.  This realm of darkness is a very normal thing to experience, and go through.  Just remember, Morrigan is here for anyone who asks, and you will, without a doubt, know she’s with you when she comes.

SYMBOLS AND THINGS TO PUT ON YOUR ALTER Mugwart, yew, black, red, crows, ravens, blood, feathers, apple, vervain, hawthorn trees, rosemary, thyme, moonstone, quartz