Hally’s Hints

Having a Bad Day?

Sometimes when you wake up it is as though you have woken up for the first time. You feel vibrant, alive and ready to take on the day. It is as though someone has switched on the go button and all you can do is get up smiling. Everything seems brighter; each flavor that you eat is as though you taste it for the first time and everything around looks beautiful, including yourself.

Then there are days that no matter how much you sleep, no matter how much you try with coffee, red bull, borocca and all the other renowned pick-me-ups you still feel as though you are not present. You feel lethargic, flat and completely unwilling to face to the day. Everything is an effort and everyone annoys you, even the people on the radio or TV.

In the past week I have experienced both within the same day. Initially I put it down to working late into the early morning hours. Then it occurred when I had gone to bed at a reasonable hour so then my reasoning was that it was due to the food I ate or having not cleansed the house enough before going to bed.

However, I have come up with an explanation that resonates.

It is no surprise that many of us travel in our dreams. There is the assumption that when we wake up that we have returned and after a morning shower, some breakfast we should be fine to get on with the day. This seems logical enough. There is the occasion that it can take a little longer and so we take it that bit easier in the morning to allow the integration back into our physical self.

What I have found is that I haven’t been returning. So whilst I am conscious and functioning I am not completely here. As bizarre as this sounds in retrospect it makes perfect sense. Why would anything I eat help bring me back if I’m not back. It wouldn’t. It would hype up my body but not my ethereal self.

What I did was lay down for one hour. Strangely enough this amount seems to be perfect for me. At half an hour it is okay but still not complete. I have tested this theory twice now and on both occasions it has had the exact same reaction.

For those of you who know that you travel, think about how you feel when you wake up from coming back. Perhaps have tingling within your body, feel a little flighty and often need to ground for a few minutes. Now consider if it is possible for you to have not returned completely. Can you recall a time where this happened?

Whilst the reasons for me not returning are a story within itself now that I am aware that this is what occurs, particularly at this stage of my journey, I can manage this better and more effectively.

For those that are curious, often when going through a multitude of shifts, as I go through and I am sure there are some of you that know exactly what I am talking about it, more work needs to be done on the non-physical plane to ensure the integration of that shift. Hence, not returning. Whilst this is a shortened explanation it nevertheless provides insight into an amazing world that we often put down to being a bad day.

It is fascinating to consider that some of those bad days that happened in the past, the ones where you wake up and straight away everything is going wrong – sound familiar, only required some further integration to bring it back to being in balance and harmony with all aspects of Self.

With this said, there are numerous ways of integrating between planes and back into the physical. I have shared one version. Listen to what you need in that moment – is it eating grounding food, is it walking in a park, hugging the pets or simply taking a lie down?

The next time you are having an “off” day check in with yourself as to whether you are completely present. You may be surprised at what you find.