Me,Myself and I, Notes from a Solitary Practitioner

I stand inside the emerald woods

In the twilight of the day

I breathe in the ancient smell of trees

And watch the squirrels play

As darkness comes and the woods grow quiet

I reluctantly must go

Then as I turn to make my way

I see a form I know

Tall and stately, broad of chest

Ancient wisdom in his eyes

He gazed at me  and then he said

“You’re a child of the wise”

An antler crown sat on his head

And he was beautiful to see

And as we stood together there, I felt him study me

Then he said to me ” you love the earth, and all who call it home,

And when you see the damage done it cuts you to the bone.”

“It’s true,” I said “it makes no sense, to annihilate each other,”

“And then in sheer stupidity, kill their life sustaining Mother.”

“My Child,’ he said, “I’ve lived so long,

And watched men come and go,

But now I’m truly filled with hope

By leaps and bounds our numbers grow”

“The earth is crying out for help,

And more of mankind hears her plea

Now there’s research and development

More people care about ecology.”

“But I alone also want to help,’

“Please tell me how I can.”

“In circle, through your acts and deeds,

And teach your fellow man.”

“And now the time has come to go,

So with these words we shall part,

As long as pagans live and breathe

There is hope for every heart.”