Welcome to the September Issue of PaganPages.  Fall is upon us and we are all getting ready here at the Magazine.  How is your preparations coming along?

We have a fantastic issue for you this month.

In This Issue:

A review of The Weiser Field Guide to Ghosts by Raymond Buckland


We are also introducing a few new columnists, we hope you enjoy them.

We are currently looking for new writers for the following columns:


Oils & Incense

divination & Oracles


This month’s contest is brought to you by:


Who donated this month’s prize.

Esbat Oil and Incense

For this month’s challenge we are asking you to send in pictures of your homemade altars.  They can not be ones you have purchased.  We are looking for the set up and all the homemade items you include.

To enter the contest email your submission to [email protected]

All entries must be received by Sept 20th.  The winner will be notified on Sept 21st. Good luck everyone!