A Simple Path: Journey of a Hedgewitch

October 1st, 2011

*The Hedgewitch lives in the space between the Village and the Forest. Between the mundane and the magical. S/He lives with a foot in both worlds.

This column is dedicated to the Hedgewitches of the planet earth.
Mindfulness, Meditation and the Thinning Veil
This is the time of year, as the Wheel turns round once more, the Veil between Worlds is at its thinnest. Visions, dreams and premonitions abound. Communications between the sides comes easily, and clarity is so pronounced.
I very often use this time to use the abundant energy to enhance my divinatory abilities, and find my dreams to be more vivid, my perceptions more accurate and my visions more precise.
As part of my personal development, I have spent a lot of time learning some Buddhist concepts, and applying them to my Path. This year has seen my practice of Mindfulness becoming more serious and practical; and as I practice it becomes more natural to be present in my body.
As an unexpected “side-effect” of this practice, I also find my clarity in divinatory matters to be greatly increased.
While in the present moment, reflecting clearly what is, I find my inner-eye, my ability to perceive the subtle shifts in energy around me, to be significantly enhanced.
It began so simply, breathing in and thinking, “I am breathing in”. Breathing out, and thinking, “I am breathing out”.
These are the most basic meditations, but they are so powerful for bringing the focus back to the breath and to the present moment.
I practiced a simple set of meditations which led, one to another, and ultimately led me to mastery of my own strong emotions. Mastery, in the sense of being able to attend to these powerful emotions, while maintaining my equanimity.
Each meditation is three in breaths, and three out breaths. (feel free to repeat more than 3 times, if desired)
*Breathing in I am a flower, breathing out, I feel fresh and new
*Breathing in I am the mountain, breathing out, I am solid and strong
*Breathing in I am calm, still water, breathing out I reflect clearly
*Breathing in I have space, breathing out, I am free
These simple mantras, while mindfully breathing have given me an arsenal of defensive weapons to use against my tendency to want to be very reactive.
As I find myself more calm, reflecting clearly, I also find I reflect clearly Unseen things, as well.
My dreams have been vivid and meaningful. My sleep is deep and restorative. My readings have been more accurate and profound. My visions more clear.
Connecting with a Universal spirit is an organic and very natural experience, when we can gain control of our emotions and physical sensations. We are more than just our emotions. We have the power to control ourselves and our response to things. Being mindful gives us an opportunity to “take a break” from the battles that rage around us, emotionally, physically, materially, and allow us to go within ourselves.
When we do, we are bathed in the radiant energy that animates and binds us all.
As I walk my Path, this Season of Samhain, and remember my Honored Dead, I will do so mindfully. I will be open to the abundant messages of the Spirit which desire to make Itself known to me.
I invite you to take a moment, take three breaths, and find a place of mindfulness. In the stillness, I know you will find the hidden resources of your Spirit, and see and reflect clearly what is, for you.
Blessed Samhain to all!
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