Hally’s Hints

Going to the Negative

We all carry an element of pain and we exist in a culture where attention is built on pain. This is from the array of pain killers avaibable to the amount of saturated self help systems available. However, this does not mean that having pain is natural or necessary.

There are a number of different types of pain and today we are speaking about spiritual (ethereal) pain. This is the pain that finds its way into the physical and it becomes all consuming and eventually we find ourselves depending on it as though life could not be without it; or so we believe.

I have noticed that when some people discuss their gifts it is often attached to a layer, or several layers, of pain. Then within a short period of time the conversations tend to be about the pain and the illness(es) attributed to this pain, not the gifts.

When discussing the negative it actually lowers your vibration and can inhibit your ability to develop your vibrational level. In simple terms it means it pulls you down and away from you and your soul’s purpose.

Whilst I understand, extremely well, that each gift that we have has its side of being not so glamorous yet, the reason why we struggle with the gifts is not because the gift is difficult or overwhelming.

For the most part it is because we are not aligned to ourselves in our most natural state and we often are trying to be something we are not. So there is a level of conflict between this, then include the physical world of being human, bills and obligations and then we find ourselves in a land where pain is preferred to the gifts that we have.

Have you ever considered that there is an alternative to living with pain from the ethereal?

Have you ever considered that you have your gifts not to make your life unpleasant; rather to assist you become you more easily, more quickly and provide fulfillment on a level that often can be a challenge to comprehend?

What is becoming more and more apparent is that the struggle we have, the pain we create, the unhappiness we are drawn to are all to avoid being ourselves. It is extremely ironic and so very true.

It is a whole other discussion to ponder why so many of us would rather avoid who we are then be ourselves; so consider that what you have, the gifts that you have been given are to help you as much as it is to help others.

In terms of the pain factor, is what you are getting from it so much better than experiencing your gift in its true form? Or should the question be – have you ever allowed yourself to experience your gift in its true form?

The rule of thumb is that anything you do for others must first start with you. Helping others must start with you. Being compassionate and empathic must start with you. It is then that you will align to yourself, your gifts and what follows is this amazing ease to simply be where flow is automatic and overwhelm is chosen.

Being on the other side, I can tell you, words do little to describe what it is like however, the feeling, the energy, the exhiliaration to be you is worth every step away from the pain.

Your gift is not pain – it is a blessing waiting for you to acknowledge it and own it. Then when you do, the need to remain in the negative is redundant.