Wicked Wonderful Witchery

The Magnificent Power of Trees

Everyone knows that trees are magick.  We’ve known it for thousands of years.  Joan of Arc knew it, and so does any ordinary individual who just spends some time sitting or laying under one, only to find themselves feeling grounded and refreshed.

Stand at the base of an ancient old oak or maple and gaze up into the branches, those strong arms and fingers reaching to meet the sky.  They grab for the crisp inspirational air and absorb the power of the sun and moon.  Then bring your attention to your feet and the ground below you.  Consider the root system of this tree, which has taken hundreds of years to grow and develop, changing and expanding, gaining strength, stability and and rootedness, not unlike our own human cities.  The roots of the tree mirror the branches, only upside down, underground, taking up just as much space or more.  Imagine such hidden strength and humble power.  These roots twine far into the depths of the soil, absorbing earth and water.   A tree has within it all of the elements:  air, sun-fire and rain from above, and earth and water from below.  The element of spirit is the tree itself, that fact that it exists.

Like us, trees go through cycles of death and rebirth regularly.  Every winter they shed their leaves, go dormant and recede into themselves, the way that we ourselves do when experiencing change, loss or introspection.  In February, the tree’s blood, or sap, starts to run beneath the surface, bringing it back to life, just as we ourselves start to heal and “awaken” from grief or shock.  Suddenly, buds and fresh greenery and blossoms riot into being – new beginnings, awakenings and fresh starts after a long bout of inner quiet.  In summer the leaves lull us with soft sibilance, calm in the sun, whole once more.  And in the fall they give us one last fiery, dramatic show of red and yellow glory before shedding their leaves once more, reminding us that we too must also quell our habits and behaviours that we’ve outgrown, have run their course or are no longer useful…  for like the tree, we are bigger, stronger, older and more knowledgeable the next spring!

Here is a very simple spell to do with a tree.

Find a tree that resonates with you.  Maybe you just think it is pretty, maybe you like the shape of it, or you have a special kinship for a certain type of tree as you associate it with positive things.  Think about something you would like to bring into your life, such as prosperity, stability in a relationship, protection for yourself or loved ones.  Spend as much time as you’d like thinking about your needs, sort of “telling” them to the tree with your mind.  Think of the desired outcome.  See it as if you already have it.  Send this vision to the tree.  When you are ready, take some water-based paint or chalk, and draw upon the tree’s bark a symbol of your wish.  This can be a rune, a drawing, even a word.  Then take a ribbon or string and tie it around one of the branches.  As you tie the knot, know that your intent has been taken into the tree and affirm to yourself and the elements that it is done.

When you are finished leave an offering at the base of the tree to honour it.  This can be a stick of incense, a candle, a coin, a little gift, or even some nuts and seeds for the animals who live in the tree.

The tree will absorb your energy and desires through the symbols, carrying them into the earth and up to the sky to all of the elements.  Trust its ancient wisdom to bring you what is right, and leave there knowing it will be done.

K. White Moon