Hally’s Hints

Answers to the Questions We Don’t Ask

The shifts of change and the winds of time are ever present in all we do. This is becoming so apparent it is now an expectation that each unfolding week will be faced with some challenge that will enable some beautiful change that we will get to experience, be it by the end of the week or by the following.

What this kind of change can cause is the separation in synergy. This means that those of us that are on the path to enlightenment, alignment and moving forward with pure intent will find ourselves more at peace and taking leaps and bounds in our journey.

However, there are many in this human world that are not playing from a place of purity or authenticity. Rather they are capitalizing in ego – human ego, not ethereal ego. The difference is that ethereal ego works with you and enables you to work as one complete being. Human ego is where intent is driven self gain, which is rarey for the greater good or for the good of others.

These changes that will become more and more frequent as we leave 2011 and enter 2012 will create an avenue for this to be more apparent and eventually blatantly obvious.

However, because of these changes we find ourselves with more questions than answers. On some level we refuse to believe that we are more than capable and competent to provide those answers to ourselves. So much so that we go looking in every possible place, irrelevant if the source is accurate of not. It is as though if we find something that contradicts our own opinion and self knowledge then this must be correct.

When this self belief is combined with the shifts of awareness it means that many are finding answers in all the wrong places. Wrong is defined as incongruent to the universe, incongruent to them and ultimately detrimental.

Sound familiar?

I had an experience recently where a friend of mine, a little lost and sweet as she is, came across a new belief system that contradicted everything that she believed. It was to the point that this group of people believed that we are not energetic beings at all, rather completely driven through physical, amongst other things. She was so convinced that they were accurate that she said if I didn’t agree it was because I was conditioned to not believe this.

For those of you are that highly sensitive, spiritual and often channel, you will understand when I say, being conditioned into a generic belief is not a challenge I experience. The things that I have seen, experienced and do on a daily basis means that being open comes with the territory.

So, I decided to look into this particular group to see if I had somehow become limited in my belief system. It took me less than ten seconds to feel the negative intent on this site and I felt ill through every layer of my being. It is with this that there are some truths that can never be denied or reputed. Being an energetic being is one of them. This coupled with the fact that everything I do is based on energy. (the amount I spend on light bulbs is ridiculous!)

We all want answers to questions that no one seems to know however, we do not need to look external for this. Everything we want, need and could possibly ever want know is within us. We merely need to allow ourselves to hear the answers to the questions we ask and actually allow ourselves to trust what we hear.

Generally, I can ask any question and receive an answer. This can be on any subject matter for any person. We all have this ability and it simply means trusting that you, in all that you are, will always provide what is right for you.

It is a given and now it is time to give this to you.