Hally’s Hints

What is 2012 all About?

I keep seeing posts upon posts of people providing their version of what they believe this to be, what it will bring and what to prepare for.

I discovered all of this over twelve months ago when I asked the question from the powers that be. The world is not going to end, it isn’t going to be Armageddon and the Age of Aquarius isn’t going to all of a sudden hit us with a metaphysical baseball bat, particularly given that each age lasts for two thousand years and we are only at the beginning of this age.

Think about this from a logical perspective – change of a significant magnitude does not happen overnight, it takes time such as months and months and even years to reach the end of a shift and then enters into another.

There is no doubt that the Earth is going through change and whilst the tragedies are significant and heart breaking we too have been harsh to the Earth and something of this has to give. Change isn’t always about having a negative outcome, actually it rarely is. It is all about balance and harmony.

Bringing this back to the individual, 2012 is whatever you want it to be. We always have a choice, something referred to as free will. The basis of witchcraft and paganism is all around free will and never to compromise this in any and all work undertaken. So consider the power of free will within each of us. Often, in simple terms, there are two choices – to go to a higher vibration or to remain at the same. The same tends to result in decreasing the vibration as your environment does and will always change and this is the only way that you can remain in the same vibration.

Should you choose to go to the higher vibration this will incorporate more awareness, more growth and temporary discomfort that comes from this awakened state. The result will be a step closer to enlightenment and fulfilment of your purpose.

2012 allows us to align more powerfully because it is coming to a close of a shift that has been occurring for some time. Think back over the past five years, then three years and then twelve months. Notice how things seem to speed up and speed up and then it slows down. This is indicative of a shift coming to a close and a new one forming.

So, the choice is yours as to the extent of how far you want to take aligning your shift to the environmental shift. Whilst there are more layers to this, in essence it is this simple.

To take this further – notice the increase of how many people are professing to be experts; have the answers and want to sell you solutions, yet they are not aligned and have no synergy to what they are selling. On top of which many flock to them all the same. This shift will allow you to step back and see them for what they are. There will always be some that remain at a lower vibration and others that will move on to the next. Some simply are not ready to be in the light and that is needed to maintain the balance.

The way I see it is – align to pure intent and a higher vibration or remain in a lower vibration which tends to reflect avoiding the truth of self.

Consider what you want for you and never fear a shift because like a butterfly transformation can take on all sorts of shapes but the end result is magnificent and at one with themselves. This is the true power of alignment and being connected as one to all.

2012 is about allowing the butterfly to fly and it is your choice if you want to be on its wings when it does.