Rebel Rede

New Year Promises

Although New Year’s for most Pagans this past year was celebrated on Samhain, the rest of the mundane world around us celebrated New Year’s on January 1, 2012. Can you believe it, it’s officially 2012 now! Most astrologers and metaphysical experts believe 2012 is going to be a year of change and major energetic shifts. I think 2012 is going to be an electrifying and exiting year for Pagans. I personally can’t wait to begin working on new goals and new projects. What new things does 2012 promise to bring into my life I wonder? I think 2012 is a year of limitless possibilities. While creating my own New Year’s goals and resolutions I couldn’t help but wonder what “New Year’s resolutions” the entire Pagan community should have? So here they are my fellow witches, my 2012 New Year’s goals for the Pagan community at large…

Note: These goals are not meant to be judgmental! I personally am also working on these goals and by no means perfectly follow all of them! These are just things I would like all of us Pagans to work on, myself included!

  1. Go OUTSIDE more! We are after all, a nature-based religion. We need to put the effort into spending quality time with Mother Earth! It can be challenging for those of us Pagans who live in concrete cities, but it can be done!
  2. Treat our bodies like the Divine temples they are! Nothing says honoring nature more than showing up to an outdoor Pagan event only to discover a circle of witches smoking, eating Doritos, and drinking Coke-LOL. Not only should we be honoring our Gods and Goddesses by taking care of our planet, but we should also be taking care of our own Holy vessels. Buying and eating food that is unhealthy to the environment and unhealthy for our bodies does not do that. Pagans should be on the forefront of the environmental movement and we should be the first in line to buy organic and locally grown food!
  3. Be a loving, tolerant, and open-minded community! Most Pagans came from other religious backgrounds before becoming Pagan. We all have experienced the negativity and intolerance that so many religions can have. We don’t want to be a spiritual community that has those negative tendencies as well! We need to put aside the arguing and come together as a community. We need to take care of each other!
  4. Be more diverse! 2012 is the year for Paganism to grow and expand its definitions and its people. Paganism is not only a Celtic-based Caucasian religion-end of story!
  5. Create ritual! We all get busy with are mundane lives, but we need to take the time to have rituals in our lives! Rituals create connections to our deities and each other! Rituals are a way to honor ourselves and our deities!
  6. Come out of the broom closet! It’s 2012 friends, being secretive and quiet about Paganism is a thing of the past. We need to boldly tell the world about our spiritual path and show the world what an amazing community we are! Be brave friends and let your Pagan flag fly proudly!
  7. Be politically active! Politics directly affect our communities. It is important to stay on top of current events and to only vote for political leaders who will protect our Pagan values!
  8. Create magick all around you! It can be easy to get too busy to do spell work, but we need to take the time to create a little magick in our lives!
  9. Be a healer! People have had a rough year. It was a financially and politically hard year. Be a light to the people around you and bring a little healing into their lives :). As witches we are supposed to be healers. We should be the people that others come to first when they need help.

10.  Be Pagan! Whatever that means to you. Just remember you are an example to the other Pagans within our community and most importantly to the people outside of our community. There is no one definition of what a Pagan is, but whatever Pagan means to you truly live out those values and beliefs in all aspects of your life!

And of course friends, just be happy! Live your bliss each and every day!