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Creative Ways to Use Magickal Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries in medicine and magick.  Scent is one of our most powerful senses: it can trigger long forgotten memories, change our moods, uplift us or depress us, and even have physical effects on our health and wellbeing.

Essential oils are fairly easy to find and purchase at most health food stores or metaphysical shops.  When you are using them for magickal purposes, it is important to buy true essential oils derived from plants and resins, not synthetics or “fragrances” made from chemicals.  Synthetics carry no magickal properties whatsoever because they do not contain any of the actual plant properties.

You may be familiar with using magickal oils and already have some favourites.  You can use them blended together in a “perfume” for a magickal goal or one at a time.  Just for quick reference, here is a brief list of some magickal goals and my favourite oils that correspond with each, that I have found work well for me and smell nice too.

Money – Peppermint and cinnamon

Peace – Lavender

Love – Rosemary and Ylang-Ylang

Self Confidence – Ginger

Sex – Patchouli

Health – Sandalwood

Spirituality – Frankincense

Happiness – Orange

Protection – Clove

There are multitudes and fun ways to use magickal oils in our daily lives.  Here are some of my favourites.

-Put a small amount of the chosen oil on your fingertips, and then braid it into your hair.  As you do so, visualize your goal as if you already have it (money, relationship, etc.).  As you “bind” the oil into your hair, you are drawing to yourself the properties of the oil you have chosen.  Tie the braid with an elastic and leave in until it falls out on its own or you feel finished with it.

-Put a few drops of oil on the blades of your ceiling fan to spread the chosen energy throughout your home.

-Add some drops of oil to scentless body lotion, and wear daily.

-Dip a cotton ball in some oil and place it in the fan of your vacuum cleaner (the spot where you can feel the air blowing out) to spread the power of the oil all over your house.  I like lemon for this because it is spiritually cleansing.  If you are cleaning the house prior to hosting a get together or party, try using orange or lavender to promote feelings of contentedness in your guests.

-Put some drops of oil onto ordinary paper.  When it dries it will leave a scent.  Rub it onto letters and resumes (love letters can be scented with Rosemary or Ylang-Ylang, resumes and job applications with cinnamon and cloves).

-Add a couple of drops to your dish water, so the energy can absorb into your skin while you work.

-A few drops in your laundry will infuse your clothes with your chosen intent.  When you wear those clothes the oil can work its magick whether it is to draw something to you or to keep something away.

-For Protection, draw a pentacle on your windows with your finger and some clove oil.  Leave it for three days and three nights, then wipe clean.

-Douse a cotton ball with ginger oil, and keep it in a little airtight jar that can fit in your bag.  As needed, discreetly sniff it when you need a little confidence or courage.

– Before going out on the town, put a drop of Ylang-Ylang oil in each shoe to attract a mate (just a little!  It can be sticky!).  Likewise you can do this before work with money attracting oil to ensure you earn lots of cash.

-Put some on the threshold of the entry to your home to attract any of the aforementioned energies into your home.

Enjoy and Blessed Be!

K. White Moon