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April 1st, 2012

The Winds of Change…

There are pivotal times where change seems more evident than at other times. There is no doubt that this time of year the winds are blowing strongly. Some may believe this is conducsive with 2012 however, upon reflection it is evident that it is that time of year.

Many fear change, believing that these winds will bring bad fortune however, if already plagued with unhappiness, financial worry and limitations around moving forward, can change be such a negative?

When talking about change from an energetic perspective it is similar to the change of the day to day. The only difference is that it affects all of those with a lifeforce. That includes plants, animals, insects, planets and the list goes on. In the shortened version – the collective.

Consider the affects of change on the butterfly affect. For some it is minor and almost no more than a ripple in the water; for others it is as though the storms are raging through every part of their being.

There was once a saying that experiencing change was almost as good as taking a holiday. Whilst logically the two are removed, consider what change can provide an opportunity to reflect, relax and rekindle relationships that may have suffered because of the day to day.

The winds of change are here. The weather is blatantly expressing that we can choose to ignore it, go with it or even fight it, but it is definitely here.

The shifts of now are intense and for some that means extreme leaps in their energetic transformation. For others it means that those friends that once were aligned are now no longer connected to you.

This is neither good nor bad; it simply is. The choice is always yours. Do you step up and engage in the energetic shift to allow yourself to evolve into the next level and enjoy the increased awareness? Or do you try to hold on to yesterday hoping that it will always be that way, knowing full well before even completing that thought process that things have already started changing.

If there was ever a time to align to your spiritual aspect, connecting to your higher-self and listening to what the universe has to share with you, then now is that time.

Soon the rain will come and wash away the debris of this change. For some there will be specks of dirt and for others there will be a mountain. When the rain comes feel the tears of yesterday wash away and feel renewed as eventually the plants respond, as will you.

For now change is here and when engaging in this energetic whirlwind; this incredible pull through the air, through our veins, within every living soul, it is mesmerizing and intoxicating. When the change passes, moving into the next stage of shifts and evolution what is left is the electrical magnetism to connect to all in the most simple and fundamental way, by being you.

If you haven’t taken advantage of what this year has to offer then as these winds make their presence known allow yourself to ride along and bask in the glory of energetic transformation into you; the natural, pure you.

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