Review: An A to Z Guide to Healing Foods by Mary Elise Collins

An A to Z Guide to Healing Foods

by  Mary Elise Collins  © 2010

Conari Press

ISBN:  978-1-57324-419-0

164 pages    Paperback        $12.95 (U.S.)

This is not a book to be read through – it is a book to be referred to and consulted.  It contains a listing of more than 250 foods with a basic description of the benefits to be derived from the consumption of each.  That comprises the first 130+ pages of this book.  There then follows a short section on Ailment Treatment and Health Maintenance.  That is followed by a brief glossary and suggestions for online shopping sources.  It is rounded out by a basic bibliography.

There are sidebars scattered throughout the book to offer insight into some of the terms as well as some suggestions for improving your diet.

It is really difficult to review a work such as this, since it is basically a compilation of information.   I checked a few of the entries for accuracy and found them to be on the money.  Without a doubt, the most valuable section is the one on treatments and maintenance, since it can help you tailor your shopping list for maximum benefit.

Ms Collins recommends, as do a great many individuals, that we turn more towards foods grown locally.  Eating seasonal foods which do not have to be shipped vast distances is a win-win situation.  The money you spend helps your local economy, the environment is spared the damages caused by long distance transport, and you are able to establish a connection with your own area.

This is, by no means, an essential addition to your library,  but it is a worthwhile one.