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Ogma, Also known as Oghma, Ogmios or Ogmious is an Irish and Scottish deity. His nicknames are Grianainech, which means “Sun-faced” and Cermair, which means “ Honey-mouthed”. He is depicted as very wise and athletic and is the god of music, spells, arts, eloquence, trees, wisdom and speech. Chains of gold and amber lead from his tongue to the ears of his followers, and some depict that the chains are also connected to his own ears as well.

He is one of the “three gods of skill” along with Lugh and Dagda. And he played a special role in several major mythological battles. He was a warrior of Tara who fought against the Formorians and fought in the first battle of Mag Tuired. Ogma also played a part in conveying souls into the underworld.

During the reign of Bres the Beautiful, Ogma was forced to stop working with poetry and was made to collect firewood instead. This lasted until Ogma and others went and fought and Bres’ reign ended.

There is some debate as to how Ogma is related to Dagda. Some myths say that they are brothers, and others state that Dadga was his father. It is widely accepted that Eire, Fotla and banba are three of his children, with Ireland being named after Eire.

Ogma is widely known for his excellent battle skills, but is more recognized for his ability with words. Ogma created the first ever written language in Ireland; Ogham. It is a serious of lines, which mean different words or letters. An example is shown below:

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