Astrology Report for June 2012

Neptune goes Retrograde in Pisces at 3 degrees


June 3, 2012 6:57 pm EDT

Neptune can be very confusing at times, regardless of the Sign it sits. Conflict and Chaos can be obvious. However, when Neptune goes retrograde, it seems like the fog lifts and we can think more clearly of situations at hand. We can see and understand our immediate circumstances. As a Planet of Clairvoyance in Pisces, we begin to see the Light more clearly. Our instincts become more tuned in. Lifting the fog when retrograde, increases this energy. Enjoy the mystical senses of retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Go with your gut instincts!!


Eclipsed Full Moon in Sagittarius at 14 degrees


June 4, 2012 7:11 am EDT – Native Lore?

A Full Moon in Sagittarius spells optimism for all of us. Emotions ride the wave of the tidal forces of inspiration and enthusiasm. Be ready to go for the gusto and do things that you haven’t yet accomplished. When eclipsed, this Full Moon could mean that you might have to shield yourself against pessimism. An Eclipse of the Full Moon can be extremely powerful, because both the Moon and the Sun are pulling upon the Earth in opposite directions. The Sun in Gemini, bringing power to one’s true self, is opposing the emotional encouragement that a Moon in Sagittarius can bring. The Eclipse tries to enhance that opposition.

The Strawberry Moon yields some of the tastiest fruits this time of year, especially on the Full Moon. Gather them fresh as the dew washes them in the morning. Roses come into full fruition on the Rose Full Moon in June. Take time to smell the roses!!


Retro Venus Conjuncts the Sun (double applying energy) in Gemini at 15 degrees


June 5, 2012 9:15 pm EDT

The Planet of love and devotion joins forces with the Sun this month. When Venus is retrograde, it appears to go backwards in the heavens. Since the Sun never goes retrograde, its movement in the sky continues forward. When retro Venus and the direct Sun collide, it is with a double whammy. The energy involved can be exponential. The love of the Goddess and the astute solar God, become one. Prepare to turn on the charm and have fun!!

This Conjunction marks one of five over a four-year period. Typically, a Conjunction is when two Planets crossover each other from the Earth’s perspective, whether that Conjunction is direct or retrograde. If you were to superimpose those Venus Conjunctions in the sky and view those five points, it would be obvious that you were looking at a five-point star in the heavens. This Pentacle of the Sky has been known for eons by many cultures. See Venus Transits below.


Adhik Mas New Moon in Gemini at 28 degrees


June 19, 2012 11:01 am EDT

Adhik Mas Moons are when the Sun does not transit or travel from one Sign to another within the Lunar New Moon period. Generally speaking from one New Moon to the next, the Sun will transit or travel from one Sign to another. However, every 32 months or so, the Sun remains in the same Sign while the Moon revolves around the Earth. On the average, it takes the Sun 30 days to travel from one Sign to the next – that’s approximately one degree per day. It takes the Moon about 29 days to go around the Earth. There are moments when the Sun enters a Sign and then hours to a day later, there will be a New Moon. The Moon will travel around the Earth within its 29 cycle and then become another New Moon hours to a day before the Sun enters the next Sign. Thus, there will be TWO New Moons within the same Sign. This generally happens when the Earth is on the slower slide around the Sun during the summer months when it is the furthest in its orbital plane of the Sun.

So how does that affect us? Most Astrologers will associate the energy of the Moon to its New Moon energy. When there are 2 New Moons in the same Sign, that energy is doubled. Would you say that you get a second chance with that renewed energy? Sure. You could also conclude that you get to repeat a few things, too. Last Month’s Eclipsed New Moon on May 20th put a spin on things, to say the least.

A New Moon in Gemini can allow emotions to be flexible and adaptable. Emotions can become mentally stimulating as the energy becomes more involved. Don’t waste your time on thinking and analyzing a situation, when you already instinctually know what to do. Go with your first thought and you won’t be disappointed.


Sun enters Cancer at 0 degrees


June 20, 2012 7:15 pm EDT (Litha info)

Bring on the Summer!! Alban Heffyn (Midsummer or Litha) is the Celtic Festival of the Oak. It is the last day for the Oak King to reign. It is usually on the 1st day of summer (June 20th or 21st) or when the Sun enters Cancer. It is the Summer Solstice. It is also known as St John’s Day. Ogmios, Arianrhod, Huon and Math are usually celebrated as the Gods. Celebrations consist of herb hunting (St Johnswort, especially), pickling early vegetables, circle readings and Fairy Hunts. Oak leaves are typical symbols of the season and open-face Green Men hang from walls. Foods sacred to the Sabbat include any fresh fruit, especially strawberries. Now is the time to hunt for mistletoe, so it is easily found at Yule.

The Fairy Realm is quite active at this time, so honor them with milk and honey. Leave simple, shiny gifts for them and they won’t steal your keys or your kids.

The leadership qualities of the Sun reign supreme, but with sensitivity. Find your inner strength thru this energy. Shine on!!


Saturn goes Direct in Libra at 22 degrees


June 25, 2012 1:06 am EDT

Finally, self-discipline finds balance. As hectic as life has been, now is a good time to find balance within your busy schedule. Where the extremes of work have exhausted you, you will notice that your play time has invigorated you as well. Note that if you have made a committment, you must keep your promises. Otherwise, all bets are called off.


Venus goes Direct in Gemini at 7 degrees


June 27, 2012 4:48 am EDT

The Planet of love and devotion stations and goes direct towards the end of the month. Where she was more relaxed and easy going, Venus will now get back on track to her usual beguiling self. Be ready for her love-enticing methods of pleasure and hedonistic ways. Expect a little more pillow talk afterwards while Venus rides the chatty waves of Gemini.


Notable Harmonic Concordance for June 2012

June is a remarkable month for the Harmonic Concordance for the Venus Transit when She joins forces with the Sun. This is significant, for it happens about 6 months before the Mayan Calendar ends and enters its next cycle. This Conjunction opens a portal to this event with Goddess insight and foreplay. Venus marks this spot on the Astrological map all the time. However, this year She crosses the Sun, creating an Eclipse. The Earth, Venus and Sun will be connected and aligned perfectly creating a portal thru space and time. Convergences of Venus can cause turmoil and destruction. Be ready for tsunamis, tidal waves, seismic events, freaky weather and whirlwind adventures of all sorts!!


Venus Transits

“Venus transits” literally means how Venus “travels”. As a Planet, Venus travels around the Sun in an inner circle never going more than 43 degrees away from the Sun from teh Earth’s perspective. And during its transit, it becomes Conjunct with the Sun every 9 months or so – a human gestation period. These points in the heavens are about 72 degrees apart. Every 4 years, it returns to the same point in the sky (direct or retrograde) within 1-2 days and 1-2 degrees. Within that 4 year period it creates a 5-point star in the sky – A Pentacle in the Sky.

Gestation is a result of pro-creation… making love. Venus, as a Planet, rules Love. She is a Goddess of love and “merry-making”, even though she can be hedonistic about it. The cycle of Venus in the sky is quite predicatable. I was thumbing thru the Ephemeris checking it out and sure enough every 9 months, Venus is conjunct the Sun – whether Direct or Retrograde. After 4 years, she returns to the same area of the Chart within 1-2 days and 1-2 degrees. Very predictable, she is… and those points in the sky are retrograding – going backwards in the Zodiac.

So what are the Venus transits of 2012?

There is only one that happens in 2012 – June 5th. It’s the only time Venus is conjunct the Sun in 2012. It’s in Gemini at 15 degress. The energy preceding this moment is significant, because it builds up (applies). In fact, Venus is Retrograde at this time, meaning that the energy is double-applying; the Sun seems to be moving forward to that point in the sky and Venus is going backwards to that point in the sky and it seems like they’re going to crash… Remember that Venus when retrograde means she is between the Earth and Sun, so folks from Earth have the ability to watch the moment of Conjunction – whereas when Direct, Venus is on the other side of the Sun and we can’t see her. Venus tends to cross the Sun in about 6 hours or so.

A double applying has stronger energy than simple applying. Simple applying just means that both Planets are going in same direction; it’s just that one overtakes the other… where double applying means one is retrograde and they seem to crash into one another.