Consillium Ratzon or Rite of the Phoenix

I invoke Thee, the Mighty One,

The Bird of Wand that ascends to the skies.

Thee, Thee I invoke!

For I am the wanderer of Wisdom and Love,

I ascend to the Will of Fires and Scourge.

Beat me with the winds of the four quarters,

Cleanse me in the soils of the Earth,

Shed your tear drops over me!

Thee, Thee I invoke!

For I am the wanderer of Wisdom and Love,

I ascend through the veil of Death,

Make me the conqueror of the unknown.

I am he of the conjurer of spirits!

I call you forth in this blessed space of Will!

Thee, Thee I invoke!

Make me the Lord of the stars!

Make me the Lord of the Moon!

Make me the Lord of the Sun!

I wholly show unto you the Rites and Rituals of the Sword.

For I am the blade of the four axioms.

The powers:


Hear me and granteth me the Desire of the highest plane!

Be thy Ratzon!

Le Olam Amen!!


Hear me and granteth me the Wisdom of Aleph to recieve the


By thy Ohr Hassadima!

Le Olam Amen!


Hear me and granteth me the Understanding of the Father!

Be thy voice of the Father!

Le Olam Amen!!

Thus marks the grand head of the Will!

Be at Ease and abosrb the Divine Presence your Spirit.

Raise your Right hand of Mercy!

Show me the Rites of Wisdom, Love, and Will!

Behold the Fires in my feet,

They Arise to the beat of the heart through the veins!

Tis me Phoebus Apollo of the Sun!

I am the Will! I am the Gold! I am the Sulpher!

Hear me o messenger of the Triad!

Thee, Thee I invoke!

In the name of Gabriel,

In the Name of Raphael,

In the Name of Michael,

In the Name of Auriel,

I call Thee forth to help with my bidding of fire!

I call forth the almighty pheonix,

Under the Rule of IHVH!

Come forth in thy Body with conformation.

The Triad of Power awaits you!

IN the Name of Metaphoriel!

In the name of Pallas Athena!

In the Name of the Sunlight of the Beginning!

I call your forth!

WIth not one twist of my word!

With not one slandered Remark!

DO as ye wilt, but abide by the hands of fate.

I am the Love! Aphrodite!

I am the Wisodm! Pallas Athena!

I am the Will! Phoebus Apollo.

Oh mighty bird of of life and death,

Red, Black, and White are your colors!

The colors of Will!

The Colors of the Infinite!

The Colors of 11!

I am the the word!




I Invoke Thee of the PHOENIX!