Ah, June! Summer at last. The height of energy pulses through everything. Summer Solstice and Father’s Day show up on our calendars. How does our value of Respect fit in with, at the very least, these two occasions?


Let’s look at how respect shows up in our daily lives. It definitely seems to me that respect is an old fashioned notion when I watch the news or just go out into my community. Good grief, were these people raised in a barn? I can hear my grandmother say this very phrase.


Perhaps. As a parent, I hear kids talk back to their parents with no repercussions. I’ve seen a young child of 8 slap and kick their parent with no consequences. In the attempt to show “respect” for their child, they have taught him that they deserve no respect. And this will be taken into the greater world as sanctioned behavior. Look around.


Down here in the South, we have been known, and ridiculed, for our politeness. In the mega city of Atlanta, there is no “south” to be found anymore. We jokingly say it is all the “transplants” to our fair city that has created this void of common courtesy, but it goes far deeper than that. It is, in my humble opinion, the result of lack of respect: respect of our elders, parents, teachers, politicians, and law enforcement to begin with. Granted, in my lifetime I have seen the lack of respectable elders, parents, teachers, law enforcement and politicians.


But blame is not our game. We have the ability, at any given time, to direct our energy for the good. For me, this is the beauty of rituals. In my sacred space, I channel my energy into a positive force. By calling in the ancestors and directions I center my whole being and become a becon. “Focus on what you want to see. Be the change you want to see”. Powerful concepts that require personal responsibility.


We must begin within our own hearts. Respect. Do you treat your body with respect? Nourishing it in healthy ways? Do you move your body to keep it limber? Do you hold thoughts of positive intent and speak with impeccability? Do you try to do your best at any moment? Respect the magnificent being that you are! Once we get in alignment within ourselves, we naturally take it out into the world. With the deep respect we have for Mother Earth, let us not forget to respect each other.


We are powerful beings. Like the sun at solstice, we radiate to and through everyone we meet. And that, in turn, passes the energy on to whomever they meet. Radiant beings of Light and Love. Connected to all of life on this beautiful planet. Pulsing with life with every breeze, heartbeat and raindrop.