Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

Perfect Love and perfect trust are nowadays referee in many rituals and practices for anyone who performs Magick. There is a basis for this and why it is so crucial to any practice with a coven or another person whom you are performing Magick with at that moment. These are one of the phrases I like in modern Magick, in way this one of the most straight to the point and absolute things you must remember. When I think of this line I can only scrape the surface of what it really means although it is clearly blunt as well. The key to this point also goes back to the number one of the thirteen goals,

“Know thyself.” If you do not trust or Love yourself how can you do so with others working with you

in Magick; if you do not believe in yourself or others around you the Magickal results can be devastating or very ineffective to the cause. When I cast my circle with people I make sure I am comfortable around these people so I will not have to worry about the consequences of the circumstance; I have been in one of those situations and it was not a very safe situation for me at that time either.

Perfect Love is one that is not necessarily a “perfect”, but more less where you Love your path and that person enough to the point of your personal comfort level. If you cast a circle with a total stranger who seems weird and maybe a little overbearing for you nature then you will not put all of your heart into the will of the ceremony or spell; if you do not apply all of your heart to that dedication the most grotesque result will arise from that situation causing some horrible karma for everybody. Love is the force that guides the will of the doings you choose, you have to cut or add certain variables to your ceremony or spell to get the fullest of results. Perfect Love is the the ultimate factor that can make or break what you are doing with the practices of Magick or even life. Love is the highest law and highest power as I have stated before in an essay for all of my students to read. Love is the driving force that is actually a divine gift. It states in Greek mythology that out of Light came Love and therefore Gaea was born. In every culture the art of Love thoroughly examined and viewed on different ways of expressing it and how it is described to every minute detail. I think cultures have examined it with their growth for the arts, language, systems, and etc with what cultures need to strive and grow to their most full potential. Many cultures express their Love for the arts in the most expressive fashions, such as architecture, social behavior, government, and other things I can go into with each individual culture. When these cultures lost a Love for their country and the people who ran it what happened to these cultures? They utterly fell into the abyss of failure. So when you work on a magical level with someone be sure to Love them well enough to put part of the will in their hands.

Perfect trust is the next big topic of working someone on a magical performance and other rites

you will face on your magical path, when you have a string trust for individuals performing a rite for

any will this is the second formulae that can make the spell or ceremony be graded as an A or F, there is

no in between in Magick. In Magick you either get the proper results or you get no results. This second

formula is the one where someone gets off on the wrong road and forgets the will of every action they

are performing. I myself have been exposed to this event where there was a man who was my best

friend dating my ex-girlfriend and we were in the same organization trying to do the same will, but my

resentment ruined the entire thing for everyone in that circle. Nobody felt like they should have after

that ceremony and the leaders tried to boil down what happened why nothing came about in the work

we so long practiced beforehand. I stepped up and admitted my feeling, I then formally left the coven

with no hard feelings as they had none toward me. This experience just goes to show one can ruin

months of studies for everybody else and their hard earned efforts. I now can say to all of my students I

am here and I trust all of you with my heart. I would ask the same from everyone else in any case.

Imagine if we were to start casting our circle and One person was wary of the rest of the coven, but

never told anyone. Our point to doing that ritual would be absolutely useless and worthless on

everybody’s part of bargain. If you want to drive a truck to Tennessee it better be a very reliable truck

to get you to your spot of destination, if not it will stall on the trip. It is the same with your magical

workings and having the magical working be the truck made up of each person. If I am the computer

and I misread the gas meter in the magical working the entire trip of the will turns out to be incomplete.

If you have any problems with anybody before a ceremony or event settle that matter immediately for the best results. The choice to work in a group is entirely in your decision upon meditation and reasoning. Always be somewhat wary of who you work with the individual and their goal within the circle so you do not get the inevitable consequences as well, for reward or punishment.

The author feels that all the folks should always agree with goal prior to the ceremony in order to

achieve the fullest of a conclusion as you wind down. All must be sure on the honor system that the

whole being is being put into to the ritual or work to feel the ecstasy of the sameness of results. All

must acknowledge 1 is 10 and 10 is 1; as above so below, so Below as Above; and All is One and One

is All. These statements merely state we should invoke the Universe in all our works, or the union with

the Macroprosopus and the Microprosopus. When this idea is lost so is the point of the ceremony, the

will directed, and the trust is not wormy of the Divine presence. The Holiness is thus the most sacred

aspect of any act of mundane or spiritual, I was told every action you do is a prayer. All this adds up to

the definition of integrity of all level; spiritual, mundane, and astrally. The fields of integrity are

engaged and tested by the forces of the universe. The Self is the deeper and more appropriate then the

other “self”. To run the ceremony with other individuals each of you must accept the fact you are

human and nothing more.