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Aids blood flow.  Helps to balance and get rid of negativity.  A stone of passion and love.  Increases sex drive.  Thought to promote good health and blood circulations.  Also promotes sexual desire.  Energizes emotionally and physically (arthritis, frostbite, paralysis), grounds.  Used by ancient cultures.  Exhaustion, low blood pressure, detoxing and strengthening blood, muscles, kidneys, gallstones.  Hormone balance, antibodies, fertility, persistence, stamina, passion.  Aids in remembering dreams and for going backwards in time.  Attracts love, gives persistence, cures depression, and works on liver to relieve toxins in the body.  Said to assure the wearer of love, faithfulness, and safety from wounds.  When the danger approaches the stones loses its brilliance.  In older times this mineral was called carbuncle.  The deep red color has the needed power to aid in anemia.  Drawing energy from deep inside.  Creativity is inspired during meditation with this stone.