Plastic Paths: The Astral Travel Chronicles

Sleep Paralysis


“The only way out is to go back in.”

                Most travelers will agree that the most disconcerting part of astral traveling is sleep paralysis. More than disconcerting really, it can be down right torture, or at least that’s how it feels when one is wide awake  inside of a body that refuses every command: eyes won’t open, arms and legs won’t move, and a voice that won’t scream.

Sleep paralysis is often more than just waking up to discover you can’t move. Many people have reported feeling sensations and hearing voices, and feeling someone else in the room when they should be alone.

My first experience with sleep paralysis happened about fifteen years ago, when I lived alone in a studio apartment.  I woke up and was unable to open my eyes, and I remember that there was several seconds where I tried to convince myself that I was dreaming, except that I could feel the sheets beneath me and the covers over me, and could smell the scent of my apartment. Every sense told me I was awake. It wasn’t until I heard the doorknob jingle. Someone was trying to get in! My fear escalated as I struggled against an invisible force and tried to get away from whatever was trying to get through the door.

My panic was borderline madness when I heard the door open and I sensed three beings walk in, exactly how one feels a person enter a room even though they are asleep. I was somehow convinced that the beings were alien, and knew they were aware that I was awake. They walked around my couch-bed, and one ran his hand along side my body and I felt the covers move with the motion of the hand. They all hovered around and over me, tormenting and torturing me, seemingly getting joy out of knowing I couldn’t run, fight back, or scream for help, no matter how hard I tried.

I don’t recall how it ended or when they left. All I remember was the sheer terror and complete helplessness.

Others, of course, have experienced similar circumstances. One lady told me that while she was sleeping she heard someone enter the bedroom    . She could hear her spouse snoring next to her and when she tried to reach for his hand to try and wake the spouse up is when she realized she was paralyzed. This woman vividly remembers hearing the stranger walk closer and closer to the bed, and remembers hearing him breathe.  She told me she could smell his soap as he leaned in closer, hovering over her body, and she remembers how desperate she was to scream.

This woman told me that she, too, can’t recall how it all ended, but believed that she must have fallen back to sleep.

I’ve often theorized that the only way out is to go back in, meaning that in the most extreme terror we have to fall asleep to escape. Easier said than done, yes? Unlocking the body is no easy feat.

During one astral travel, I was sitting on the couch, eyes closed, astral form roaming freely. I remember what my astral self was doing and then I remember what my conscious mind was doing—struggling with the body to react, to wake up. Such duality is not easy to explain and, so far, is hell to go through. The TV was on and playing an early morning talk show. This irritated my conscious mind to an extreme degree and it begged to walk up. The timeline was repeating itself and my conscious mind was angered by having to hear the same news stories and same celebrity tales more than once. I remember that my astral form was experiencing a different reality and was calm, centered, and understanding while my conscious mind was agitated at having to relive the same timeline again.

Scientists have speculated that alien abduction stories are nothing more than sleep paralysis stories—people suffering hallucinations during a completely natural/physical reaction. As a person who believes in alien life interacting with terrestrial life, I can’t agree that such cases can be so easily explained. As a person who has experienced unexplainable phenomena during the horror of sleep paralysis, I believe that anyone who experiences such things for themselves will be hard-pressed to find a scientific answer. However, as a person who that one should never awesome the ultimate answer has been found and one should always keep searching to answers, then the physical reaction, AKA scientific explanation, seems reasonable.

What is the final answer? Beats me, but after years of experiencing in dealing with sleep paralysis I’ve learned that one way of freeing oneself from this terror is to relax. Stop fighting against the paralyses, and release the struggle, because once we surrender the fight, the body seems to unlock. Many have reported falling asleep before being able to move again.

Surrendering to terror and relaxing while striving through panic is not something I suggest lightly. If sleep paralysis is something you have experienced before please share what it was like for you. We can all learn from each other and grow from the experiences of others, taking comfort in knowing we are not alone.