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July 1st, 2012


Don’t you find that the more you want something the further away it can seem to be?  It’s our limited thinking patterns that create this, limited thinking teamed up with programming we took on from our parents and the use of our vocabulary.

I know how insane that all sounds but each part is true, let me show you what I mean:-

Limited Thinking

Limited thinking is such an easy thing for us to create, and it comes in from things we hear from our parents when we were children, now, in no way am I saying your childhood was a negative time in your life, who am I to say that, after all I didn’t live your life.  However little comments such as:-  “Nothing comes for free” “You can’t have it all” “Money doesn’t grow on trees” all sit in our psyche and transform our thinking to believe that this is the truth.  If we were just able to not let others beliefs take over our own then we wouldn’t continue these crazy patterns.

Once these beliefs are in our system we take them on board believing they are the truth as we know it, however they are not, they are in fact, the truth as our parents see it.  I think as children we are so open to others ways that our minds are easy to manipulate because we do not question peoples motives or beliefs.  As an adult it will take a little work to change your thought patterns on this, but its very achievable, it just takes some positive affirmations and lots of belief in yourself and even a little forgiveness.


Well, programming is something each of us take on from our parents, we all have it within us, when we were born as pure beings, we were not programmed to live or dislike these are things / ways that we have been programmed from birth, our parents taught us to walk, talk, eat, fend for ourselves, but they also taught us their beliefs on right and wrong, I guess as adults we re-program ourselves to new beliefs and thought patterns.  This can be an amazing thing when we step into our own light, our own path just illuminates us and we come from a place of love.

Love really is the one thing we can guarantee ourselves in this life, it’s the one true thing we own for ourselves, whether that’s loving someone else or loving ourselves the ability to love is the one emotion that can move mountains and keep us grounded and focused upon our goals.


Or Neuro Linguistic Programming the words we use effect how we manifest things, I found this really cool place on the internet that teaches you how to effectively make this programming and easy transition from how you now speak to how you will speak in the future……. I have to say, it’s something I have been on the case of for a few weeks and the manifestation process is far easier with the new language I use.  Let me show you an example:-

“I don’t want it to rain” should be turned into “I want it to be sunny” but to manifest faster  this can be turned into “The clouds are clearing”  Its always the small differences we make that have the biggest impact.  Sit down with a pen and paper and try a few of these out, it can be used on anything, anything you want to think /manifest, it’s all down to you and its all free, just a few small changes to how you speak and think could really change your whole life.

I’ll cover more on this topic in future columns, I love to help people manifest, the fastest easiest way, and to be honest there is no wrong or right when it comes to the art of manifestation and abundance but there are ways to make it happen faster and more effectively, one tip I will give you on this topic is once you have manifested / cosmic ordered, STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE HOW, how is not your job and in fact slows down and in some cases stops the whole process.  So please try these exercises out but then stop thinking about the HOW!

Manifestation is one of the oldest spiritual practices in the world, and also one of the simplest, as long as you have complete faith and trust to know that your desire can come true, you hang in there safe in the knowledge that the universe has got your back and anything you want and more, sometimes even better will come your way.  Think of it as The Secret but more simplistic and much more real!

Until next time

Bright Blessings

Pixie xxx

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