Song of the Ancients

Using the Wind in Your Magical Practice


For most of us, calling upon the Elemental Spirits during our workings and rituals is as natural and normal as breathing. We do it routinely and after awhile, it becomes rote; something we do without even thinking. There is an aspect of crafting however, that is often ignored and to be honest, that most people don’t even know about; that missing link is working with the Wind and with the directions from which it comes for maximum magical effect.


Harnessing and using the power of the Wind is an ancient art. As any sailor knows, working with the Wind allows your vessel to move faster, with less friction and wear and tear on the boat. It makes the journey more pleasurable and productive. We can use this same analogy with our magical workings. Whatever our intent, if we align ourselves with the correct direction of the Wind, it will help to strengthen and solidify our working.


North Wind: The Wind of Death, abandonment, elimination and banishment. This Wind lacks moisture, and is cold, blowing through with vengeance. The element is the Earth and the colour is black. Use for workings where you need separation, closure or finality.


West Wind: The Wind of Gentleness, fertile, kind and open. This Wind is moist and provides a fertile background for workings of love and fertility. The element for this Wind is water and the colour is blue. Use for cleansing, purity, romance and familial concerns.


South Wind: The Wind of Power. This Wind is hot and dry. Its element is Fire and its colour is red. Harness this Wind for workings where you need strength, endurance and vitality or to remove fear and anxiety. Use for initiative, passion and perseverance.


East Wind: The Wind of Light. This Wind brings clarity and brightness, perfect for new beginnings and changes. Great for use in career plans, employment or for help with muddled finances. Its element is air and its colour is white. Use for intellectual concerns, communication, changes.


Use a wind sock to determine the direction from which the Wind blows. Check your local weather forecasts to see when the Wind will be favourable for your working and plan accordingly. Most of us do this with the waxing or waning Sister, so it isn’t cumbersome. Remember that timing our workings in sympathy with Nature isn’t mandatory, but it does help to focus our intent and provides a strong, sympathetic background.


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