At this time of year, I like to do a yearly “re-balance” check within myself.  Sort of like a tune-up.  It seems like throughout the year, I slowly, bit by bit, get scattered and torn in a bunch of directions in my life.  I like to take time to refocus at this time of year just around or shortly after the Summer Solstice, and again do a tune-up around the Winter Solstice.  It helps me keep sane.  This is a good ritual to do to also help relax you and ease stress.  It is an excellent spell to do prior to going to/getting ready for bed and helps to clear the mind.  Take your time with this spell and don’t rush yourself.  Let your mind wander and let thoughts come and go as you finish saying the spell – and jot down ideas, possibilities, thoughts you may have that would be notable and something to maybe look at it in the next few days/weeks to help you readjust area(s) of your life that may need a little tweaking.  Enjoy!

Joyful Sunlight Balance Spell

Under The New Moon / www.underthenewmoon.com

Spell for:   Balance in life (when you are torn in many directions)

Where:  Spell can be done indoors/ or outdoors at this wonderful time of year

Items Needed:

  • Bath Salts (handmade w/Epsom Salts and/or Dead Sea Salts)
  • Lemon, Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils
  • 1 Tealight Candle (or a votive if you prefer)
  • Incense Cone or Stick of your choosing (optional)
  • An item that represents the Moon to you (picture, altar tile, charm…)
  • An item that represents the Sun to you (picture, altar tile, charm…)
  • Altar Cloth
  • Mix up a small amount of the essential oils ahead of time (2 drops of each in a bit of olive oil will do fine–this is for anointing yourself)
  • Robe or perform ritual skyclad – your preference
  • Notebook/pen

First, bathe in some homemade Bath Salts (use Epsom salts and if you have some, dead sea salts) and add a few drops of Lemon, Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils to the mix.  Shake well.  As you are soaking, let your mind focus on the intent of regaining a sense of balance and joy in your life; peace and contentment.

After your bath, either naked or comfortably clothed and alone, lay out an altar cloth of your choosing wherever you are, set a tealight candle on a safe surface near but NOT on the cloth, preferably in a tealight holder; light it and wait till a bit of wax pool forms and drop a single drop of the each of the three oils you bathed in (Lemon, Lavender and Ylang Ylang) in the wax pool; if desired, light an incense cone that is pleasing to you in an incense burner.  Lay out your “representation items” of the Moon and Sun out on the cloth in front of you along with a picture of yourself or your name written on a small sheet of paper; anoint yourself with a bit of the oils listed above and say the following spell after you breathe deeply 3 or 4 times from your belly; relaxing and letting your mind and heart focus on your intent.

“Yin and Yang, Black and White,

Send ‘Extreme’ out of sight,

God and Goddess,

Bring to Me,

Balance that I sorely need.

A Joyful Spirit that shines through,

In all I think, say and do.

‘An harm it none,

This spell is done.”