Hally’s Hints

The Elements & The Spiritual Connection


It is said that the elements that many are familiar with being earth, water, fire, air and of course spirit were the essence within the creation of existence as it is known. Yet in today’s spiritual practices the elements are not often called upon; so much so that some have come to believe that the elements are fairly new to the world of all things spiritual. This however, is not the case.


So, what is the significance of these specific elements when it comes to the spiritual and the individual? What is their relevance when it comes to the day to day and how can working with the elements assist in the evolution of one’s path?


When considering that these five elements of earth, water, fire, air and spirit are part of life, they can have influencing factors that can be entwined when coming into enlightenment or fulfilling one’s purpose in this journey. The elements assist firstly on the surface by understanding strengths, the internal connection and then going deeper by enhancing the energetic alignment between the individual and the collective.


To grasp this in a more literal term contemplate the following as a simple demonstration of the power and natural uniqueness when using the elements respective to Self.


Working with Earth energy is fairly common and not unfamiliar in Paganism. Earth is a grounding energy that harbours logical and practical influences which can affect the physical Self via the logical and practical part of the body. This assists in creating balance and connection in one’s professional, technical and analytical part linking this to their energetic centre.


Water energy is actually an interesting element to work with. As a human, it is said that humans are made up of at least 70% water and thus, they are affected by the moon cycles each month. In understanding more about the water element, consider it in literal terms as the movement that flows connecting to feelings and emotions. This allows it to be linked to the feeling that one has with Self; a version is called the relationship aspect of Self. Relationship is defined as the internal relationship before the external.


To take this even further, when working with associating chakras this would then tie into the base chakra. By using water energy it would enable aligning and enhancing the relationship aspect with Self and becoming more than purely emotional. The benefit with this is what this allows the individual to tap into and ultimately the internal power that is gained by joining Self with the elemental energies.


These two examples are shallow in their explanation however, they do demonstrate the relevance and cohesive synergy when using the energies in all facets of one’s journey into Self. These elements can create what seems like an energetic bridge between Self and the collective. A way to look at the power of this is by putting on all of the lights at a stadium – pretty impressive and ready for action!


When it comes to the basis of the elements each individual is physically part of the elemental and energetic collective. So the question must be asked why this is not used more frequently to increase awareness, harmony, health and abundance. (It is important to remember that this very topic has a multitude of layers and in this article is only briefly touched upon).


The elements are within all that we are, we do and even into what we want. When using the resources and endeavouring to reach natural state use nature in its most perfect form to take you to the next level – elemental energy.