Now we reap what we sow. Harvest begins as the fullness of summers heat envelops us.  Our walk this year through 12 virtues has brought us to gratitude. If we have brought the virtues into our heart, we have sown well and we begin to harvest the fruit of our labors.

Take a moment and think about what you have sown since January.  What connections have you made or strengthened? What depth of understanding have you brought to your personal worship? What inner peace have you gained?

The year flies past and we are so busy with life and all of its ups and downs. Yet our sacred time alone or with others slows down the pace if even for an hour. This is a rich crop that we sow. As the month of August opens, lets take time to be grateful. Lets celebrate how far we have come and the delight of the seasons to follow.

The apple crops begin to fill the farmer’s markets. In Georgia, peaches and apples are king and queen! Even though we grow more blueberries we are known as the Peach State.  And we are grateful for all the different ways to enjoy peaches and apples and blueberries.

Our family loves apple time and the impending pies, cobblers, and sauce.  We live in a state that grows apples and heading to the mountains to bring back the harvest is always fun! The Great Mother is laughing in flowers and fruit and I am grateful to be a part of the fun.

Make a feast of whatever is coming into fullness where you live! Core apples and use as candle holders.  Make a cobbler and some homemade ice cream. Try and find as many ways to prepare apples or peaches and make a meal around them. Tell those you hold dear how grateful you are for them.

Abundance comes in all forms. Gratitude is shown in many ways. With a grateful heart we open to the Gods and Goddesses and receive a bountiful harvest!