Lavender’s Corner

Essential oils and their uses


Herbs and oils are just a few of the earth’s wondrous bounties. This month I would like to discuss Lavender essential oil with you.


Do you have a spare essential oil? Many Aromatherapists/witches will find that they happen to have a spare. This will often be a cheap oil that maybe you come across at a cheap store or online at a discount. Most of the time this is Lavender.


Used in cosmetics, bath supplies, perfumes, house hold products, ironing waters, and for therapeutic use in the home and in holistic therapies. Lavender is incredibly versatile.


Magickal properties of Lavender~ Love, peace, balance, dispels depression.

Herbal properties of Lavender~ health, sleep, relaxation, happiness, relieves stress tension and anxiety, cuts, grazes, nausea, migraines, fainting, eczema, arthritis and so much more!

Folklore properties of Lavender~ comforts the stomach, cosmetic waters, insect repellent, scent linen, toothache [applied topically], neuralgia, rheumatism, sprains, burns, scars, carpet deodoriser, oil burners, incense, magical oils, dream pillows, baths, perfumes, etc.


Lavender [Lavender Angustifolia] is one of the oils you can use without any other. You do not have to dilute it’s potency with a carrier. It has many properties, and a vast history and grows in many countries all over the world. The herb likes a well drained soil and a lot of sunlight. As it smells pleasant, it is a great herb to use in baking, cosmetics and fragrances and also for dream pillows or draw pouches. Added to the temples of the face, Lavender oil can calm mental worries and anxieties. This oil is also great for meditation or as a herbal hair rinse.


You can use Lavender for after sun care, scalds, acne, minor cuts and grazes, insomnia and even fleas…..not on cats though, their systems cannot break down the molecules of any essential oils; best to avoid! Dogs would benefit from the use of a Lavender treatment though. You can add Lavender to a bucket of water, to clean floors with to magickally stop gossip and promote peacefulness in the home.


Lavender was used in mummification, and perfume by Egyptians and the Phoenicians and Arabians. The Greeks and Romans bathed in it, and thought the incense to be the incense of the deities. From France, Spain, Italy and England, it made it’s way to America. Queen Elizabeth the 1st enjoyed lavender as a tea and a perfume, but Queen Victoria gave it wide spread gratitude. She had some in every room and it was washed on floors and in linen. In WW1 nurses ‘bathed’ soldiers wounds in lavender washes. It was actually also once worn by prostitutes to attract custom and to indicate their profession. In some cultures it was believed that if worn, lavender would help protect against cruel treatment at the hands of a spouse. In the Renaissance period it was believed that lavender worn with Rosemary would preserve a woman’s chastity. It was once believed to be powerful if used for writing love letters.


General beliefs;

If scattered in the home~ peacefulness comes to all within.

If worn~ protects you against the evil eye.

If carried~ you may be able to see ghosts.

If used as an incense~ promotes sleep and peaceful dreams.


Correspondences of Lavender;

Planet~ Mercury [used in communication spells]. Also Venus [used in love spells].

Element~ Air.

Deity~ The Greek Gods, Saturn and Hermes. The Egyptian God, Thoth. The Roman God, Mercury. The Greek Goddess, Athena. The Egyptian Goddess, Maat. Also- Aradia [Queen of the witches] and Hecate [Primordial goddess].

Archangel~ Michael.

Planetary angel~ Raphael.

Metal~ Quicksilver.

Tarot cards~ The Hermit/Magician.

Colours~ Purple, Lilac. Yellow [associated with Mercury].

Star sign/s~ Gemini, and Virgo.

Other uses~ sacred/anointing oil, clairvoyance, consecrations, healing through the grieving process, divinations, crystal workings, exorcisms, inspiration, longevity, luck, lust, meditation, telekinesis workings, offerings, to call to the divine, to keep secrets, and helps to control emotions.

Rituals~ weddings, chastity, peace, creative inspiration, lust, eternal love, dreams, gratitude, earth wisdom, to improve the memory, business improvements, to send out clear messages.

Other names~ Elf leaf, Spike, Nard.

Parts used~ fresh flowers, dried flowers, essential oil extracted from steam distillation from the flowers.


This month’s suggestion blend ~ Old fashioned Lavender water.

This can be used in your laundry, as a spritz water for ironing or in the iron, a hair rinse, a bath essence water, compresses, insect repellent spray, as a car or room spray, a pillow spray, handkerchief spray, microwave cleaner, bin cleaner, as an essence in home-made bakery/chocolate making [if vodka based], facial toner, hair scented mist [great for summer days], in rituals, in cleansing aura work and meditations.


To make this you need;

600g fresh Lavender flower heads

1 litre of spring water [some people use vodka]. If doing a food essence you may want to use a small dark bottle, not a spray bottle; this will not be as expensive as you use less vodka then you would if using it for lavender water.


Heat the water and put it in a jar with the lavender heads. Shake well and leave the jar for 24 hours. Using a coffee filter or some mullein filter out the lavender heads. If you want a stronger smell, repeat this and press the heads for extra scent. Store in a spray bottle or small labelled water bottle in the fridge. Use when needed.



Thanks for reading,

Blesse’d be.