The title on this one truly says it all.  So, really, if we are to be honest, the last thing you need right now is ‘another thing to do;’ right?


Well not to worry… this spell is quick, easy and works.  I have to admit that I am a notorious ‘over-achiever, over-extender of myself and my days.  I am an herbalist, an aromatherapist, a massage therapist, a practicing; every-day witch, own my own business that I work 7 days a week (well, I try hard to take Saturday afternoons off [yeah, right!]), have 3 dogs, a grown son who lives with us, more craziness in our household (lots of love though!) than what most could probably deal with, I am a moderator of a pagan board on one forum; co-own another forum that I work; write this article each month, and am a member of two metaphysical teams that I work diligently with/on for advertising and communication… so, needless to say, you get the picture.


I am sure many of you have similar types of schedules and I am ALL for quick, easy, but meaningful and heartfelt spells that truly work.  I have learned in the practice of magickal arts and having a grandmother who was a witch (a very true Celtic Druidic Witch from Glasgow, Scotland) who I learned things from, that magick is in the mind and TRULY WILL AND DOES AFFECT THE PHYSICAL REALM IN WHICH WE LIVE.  Now, I wasn’t shouting at you all with the caps, but really wanted to stress that it’s not just a cliché saying that “think good thoughts” type of thing… but yeah, it is truly “think good thoughts and those good thoughts happen for real” type of thing.  Read The Secret anybody?  Than that gives you an idea of just how powerful the mind is.  In addition to the power of the mind and thoughts, the power of the spoken word is amazingly magickal also.  Spoken words have power!  Anyone ever see “What the Bleep Do We Know?”  If so, then you may be aware of the Japanese author, Masaru Emoto that claims that positive changes to water crystals can be achieved through prayer, music, or by attaching written words or speaking loving, positive words over a glass of water.  There is, as with all things that science has difficulty with, a lot of controversy about this in the scientific community, however, in my humble opinion, and in many others around the world and throughout time, there is no doubt that words matter.  Spoken, thought of, or whatever.  They matter.


So, saying all that, I want you to know, that even the simplest of spells (which is truly a mind OVER any matter in your life… thoughtform to change the energy of what IS to what you WANT IT TO BE) WILL work!  Just put your heart, your mind, your spirit, your thought-form and your will into it.  Do this, and it works.


To allow yourself the stretch of time you need to accomplish the tasks you have to do, here’s a great easy spell that will work.


Items needed:

  • Rose* & Chamomile* Essential Oils
  • Your Shower

Take your shower as you normally do.  Now, after you have done your scrubbing, etc… (we won’t get into personals here, J), BEFORE you turn the shower off to step out, take an extra two to three minutes and do the following.


  1. Step back from the shower head just a bit, add 1-2 drops of the Rose oil and 1-2 drops of the Chamomile oil to the bottom floor of the shower (but make sure that the shower head spray does not hit this particular area so it is not instantly washed away) OR if you prefer add a drop or two of each to the shower door in front of you or the shower wall.
  2. Let the stream release the plant essences and meditate and relax your mind and body (you may step back under the shower spray to keep warm at this point), keeping your eyes relaxed, mostly closed, but slightly open so you don’t lose your balance (or please feel free to sit on a shower chair if you have one).
  3. Say the following spell (memorize it before you go in or tape it to the wall just outside your shower door/curtain so you can open it enough to read it—just relax, relax, relax as you read it) as much as you feel you need to.  Get into a rhythm with it so you mind does it’s magick…


I have enough time; I always do –

To get the jobs done; and make my way through –

Today I’ll accomplish ALL on my plate –

And tomorrow I’ll start with a brand new, clean slate!


Any things that linger and do not get done –

Were not meant to be on today’s list of fun!

I’ll relax in the knowing that I am guided to see –

That God and Goddess are guiding me,

harm it none, let it be.

As you say these words, feel the water washing away all your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions…(especially feelings of any dread you may have about a certain task or tasks for the day) and know that each task you face for the day is truly an opportunity for something magickal to happen (even the most mundane!).


Know that the God and Goddess are working everything out as it should be for you today.  Everything is falling exactly into place just as it should.  Now, go start your day on a clean, fresh note!!


‘Till next month,

Blessings and Blessings—