The Chakras

The Chakras is a Sanskrit word the means wheel or disc. This was deciphered and used to help people find themselves.  The Chakras was modeled after the Kabbalah from the Crown to the Muladhara, or the root. In the kabbalah it is equivalent as the Kether to the Malkuth, which means the crown of the tree of life to the physical plane. The physical plane is also known as shekniah, or the female aspect of god of which we live in kabbalistic terms.

The chakras is very interesting in the fact it points out the way to enlightenment is retained in us if we allow ourselves to find truth. Each Chakras has a body part to which it has an association. You can google the chakras and find exactly where they are located. The focus on the Chakras is for meditative purposes and helps you focus on who you are. The Aura comes from the chakras and there are seven chakras in the body. Once you understand the Chakras it will guide you into the Kabbalah and you will see a great resemblance.






1. Maladhara, the root and is a red chakra is located at the base of spine used for grounding

When this Chakra is open we feel a sense of belonging. This Chakras lets us understand our basic needs of food, water, shelter and ect. This Chakra also helps us feel in touch with our bodies.

Stones- ruby, bloodstone, and hematite


Body parts- Adrenal Glands, associated with fight or flight instincts




2. Svadhisthana, or sacral and glows orange and spins around in our abdomen below the naval.

When this chakra is opened is associated with health, pleasure, feelings, and sexuality. When this chakra is opened up and balanced we feel abundant we know we are deserving of these pleasures in life. It Helps our emotions flow through our lives taking them as they come knowing they will pass. Emotions are fluid, as is life. When we find ways to express our emotions we are able to keep our emotional and physical bodies well.

Stones- Carnelian, Tigers eye, Onyx

Element- Water

Body Parts- Testicles/Ovaries, in charge of sexual development




3. Manipura, or Solar Plexus and is a bright yellow ball that heats up our personal power and is located at the solar plexus.

The manipura helps us center . This is where we develop the sense of autonomy and a sense of self. When this Chakra is open we well worth of what life has to offer us. We realize the power we use to process to create the life of our dreams is already alive inside of us. When we find out how to harness this energy we find the strength to conquer dreams and goals.

Stones- Topaz, Citrine, and Amber

Element- Fire

Body Parts- Pancreas, Controls Digestion




4. Anahata, the Heart

When we open up this Chakra it creates Balance in our lives. Once we open this Chakra we feel compassion to ourselves. Once we know how to be kind to ourselves from an understanding, considerate, and peaceful place it connects us to others, surroundings, and the universe. When we tap into this Chakra love radiates around us and into the world.

Stones- Rose Quartz, Diamond

Element- Air

Body Parts- Thymus, Helps us build immune system




5. Vissudha,  the throat and a blue energy of truth which spins in our throat helping us to be authentic in the way we live our lives.


The throat is where we communicate, where we are able to share our view. Part of speaking truth involves carefully choosing our  words. This does not mean we bottle up words, but try to look at all perspectives  and be respectful with the presentation of them.

Stones- Turquoise Blue agate, aquamarine

Element- Sound

Body parts-  thyroid, controls metabolism




6. Ajna, third eye and a violet light which makes it?s mark on our forehead between the brows and slightly above.

This is the third eye and when we need focus Ajna  helps us seek guidance .  This Chakra helps us realize what we need is inside of us. This third eyes helps us answer questions in life.

Stones- Sapphire, Tanzanite, lapis lazuli




7.Sahasrara, the Crown and this is a bright white light which shines above our heads as it radiates upwards, its rays reach the worlds above us.

As we ground ourselves this chakra helps us accept change in the world. Once we accept the change of the world we can build a strong sense of self, knowing we deserve to fulfill our dreams. Having learned to love thyself we can learn to love others. Then we are able to speak with truth with integrity involved. We are able to be open and honest and listen to the inner voice. Going on this journey we feel alone, but we are all connected. The white light blends into the light that flows from other beings. We are one.

Stones- Amethyst,  Alexandrite

Element- Spirit

Body Parts- Pineal Gland, Regulates natural body rhythms