Hally’s Hints

The Shift into Ascension


There is no doubt that in the past month it has made the previous months seem like a walk in the park. Clearly we are going through a shift but not just any shift. Some may think this is to do with 2012 and whilst not completely incorrect it actually has more to do with the 31st October, the veil between planes and dimensions being thinner as well as the push into ascension.


What is different about this shift is the extent of the separation between the lower and higher vibrations. What has been happening is that due to the higher vibration getting ready to go into leaps and bounds the lower vibration is holding on for dear life to the higher vibration. Consider that this is how the lower vibration continues to vibrate at such a low level and is able to have such a great impact on those of us going into the higher vibration.


Once this separation is complete, which will be on or around the end of October, the lower vibration will then need to vibrate and maintain its vibration through other means. This may include those that are coming through on the next ascension or those that have decided that the lower vibration is no longer for them. They too will have an uphill climb when going into this specific ascension.


Some of us have had to experience the toughest part of the year. It has taken what could go wrong to going wrong to a whole new level. It has been frustrating, painful and exhausting. However, as mentioned above, it will come to an end. This will come back into alignment and flow, as will each of us that have continued to persevere.


However, there is something unique and incredible about continuing even at points of this month that seemed futile – that is what is to follow… the energy, the flow, the connection and the boost that will have affect on each of the gifts/abilities, skills and ultimately providing a leap jump towards each purpose specific to that individual. This of course contributes to the overall and will result in more power within the higher vibration – light power is another way to consider this.


The extent of this will be up to the individual, where they are on their path and how open that person is in their ascension. The beauty of all of this is that the way this works doesn’t mean those not on this path will miss out, merely coming at a different time. With this said, with all the work that each person has had to endure and commit to it really is worth continuing for that bit longer, continuing to believe in the greater good of who they are and what their purpose is.


Even as each week draws closer to the end of the month the energy in the air and within each element is amazing!! Never give up and know that you are not alone. We are all in this and we might as well get the incredible benefits that come from being true to ourselves and our paths.