As our year of examining virtues as applied to our pagan path moves forward, we come to November and Charity.  Generosity and helpfulness is a definition of this virtue.  How can we manifest this virtue in our daily walk?

Here in the States the celebration of Thanksgiving is upon us.  What a great way to “walk the talk” .   My city of Atlanta has an amazing event called Hosea’s Feed the Hungry which is a nonprofit program that operates under the umbrella of the Martin Luther King Jr. People’s Church of Love.  It takes place at Turner Field, our baseball stadium.  Incredible numbers of people give of their time, talent and treasure.  In many communities there are soup kitchens and shelters that rely on volunteers to see their programs work at their best.  Hospitals and nursing homes need help as well.  It can seem overwhelming and one can feel incapable to give.

Time, talent and treasure – the 3 T’s – are the key words.  I can not organize an event the scale of Hosea’s Feed the Hungry.  As a daughter of the Goddess, what I can do is look at the three T’s and find where I am able to help.

Within my own family and community I can set one more place at the table for a student that won’t be able to get home for the holiday (or any other day for a home cooked meal).  I can bake one more pie or one more loaf of bread to send to a neighbor who is overwhelmed with a big family coming for a visit.  I may not have spare treasure, but I have time and talent.

There are many charities we can donate to within the mainstream world, but there are also pagan centered organizations that can and do need our 3 T’s.
Circle Sanctuary has a listing as well as The Reformed Druids of North America and a search on the internet will give you a whole bunch of ideas.  I believe in the phrase that Charity begins at home.  Home being our blessed community of pagans.  Where and how can we be of help to those that champion our voice in the greater world?  Maybe this is where we are drawn to share our treasure.

Generosity and helpfulness define charity.  I have known such generosity in our community along this path.  I have been given help when help was needed.  All with a sincerity and deep love that touches the heart and soul of this woman.  I know the Goddess is alive because of the charity of her children.  Let us take this value deeper into our selves and find ways to give of our time, talent and treasure not just for November, but for all of our days.