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My Theory


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what there is “out there”, in the universe, that we have not yet discovered, nor do we know anything about. And it’s a lot.


We can see through our telescopes far out into space, and we’ve seen that there are thousands upon thousands of stars in thousands upon thousands of galaxies. You would think that with all that “space” out there, we would have found someone else, any other kind of life, no matter what form it took. But then again, since there is so much space between all that “space”, it’s not hard to believe that sentient lifeforms very rarely come into contact. And, it is also likely that there are far more planets that do not contain life, than those that do.


My theory is this. If we don’t yet know what’s out there, then I am not in a position to discount anyone’s ideas or theories about what may exist out there, and what may be possible. In certain regions of space, the laws of physics might even be different, how do we know? Unless we go there and find out for ourselves, how can we say it is not so?


There is just so much there is yet to learn, it seems we have barely scratched the surface.  Yet it seems like there are people who believe they know exactly how everything in the universe works. But that’s like only reading the first few sentences of a book, and then coming to a conclusion that we know what the entire book is about, and how the story ends. It’s ludicrous in my opinion.


Maybe one day we’ll venture out into the stars, and start finding out for sure what is really out there. We’re taking the first steps into exploring Mars, right now, so the other planets, and interstellar space are not far behind.


I can’t wait to see what we find.