Simple Spells and Rituals for all Occassions

Spells and Rituals

Since November is the month of Thanksgiving, I thought that giving a couple of examples of thanksgiving rituals would be a good way to begin this monthly column.  The nicest thing about these type of rituals is the act of giving thanks, in and of itself, I think is usually what’s really appreciated, and since there are so many ways it can be done it doesn’t have to be a dull and boring act.

One way is to set up a small, Thanksgiving altar somewhere either in your house, or out on a covered porch or other outdoor area.  The bare minimum you need is an incense burner and a candle.  I light the incense stick and then use that to light the candle.  Then I use these words ”  I give you thanks for all you do, for obstacles and smooth roads too, for challenges that make me grow, and all the pleasant things that show, that you are looking after me, I thank you ancients, Blessed be.”  I then add any specifics that I’m thankful for, or use this time to pray, talk to them, whatever seems right.  When the incense burns out, I the snuff the candle out.  This particular ritual was written by Dorothy Morrison and appears in her book “The Craft Companion.” I leave my thanksgiving altar year round, so it’s easy and convenient for me to use and be reminded of all I have to be thankful for.

I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina so I began a custom of gathering as many colorful wildflower petals, rosebuds, clover, herbs such as rosemary and lavender, and whatever natural, beautifully colored plant life as I find on my walks, all of which go into a lined, deep wicker basket.  When the late Autumn and snowy winter days are dreary I take my basket outside and use the brightly colored, dry items to make a colorful offering to the Lord and Lady as well as to the quarters either by placing them on the ground, or on breezy days I toss them and let the wind take them away.  Seeing and smelling those remnants of Spring and Summer past, brightens my spirit and makes it easy to share a bright and heartfelt thanksgiving with the deities you love.  Whether carried off by the wind, or brightly coloring the snow it truly raises feelings in the heart of any Witch easily bringing words of thanks.

So whether it’s a spot that you use to be thankful everyday with words that rhyme, or heartfelt, spontaneous, words that come from the beauty all around us that heartfelt feeling is so easy to express so why not take that instant to express it.  The lines of communication it opens are priceless.

Thanks for reading and have a joyous Thanksgiving, now and always!

Blessed Be!!!