Stones Corner









Reported to be a man-made form of sunstone originally created when alchemists were working towards creating gold.  Gently uplifting, mildly helpful to solar plexus.  Reduces stomach tension.  Protects center of body.











Has the same properties of clear quartz in a more dispersed pattern, much like quartz clusters.  There fore, it is a good foundation stone in building structures to generally uplift the energies of a place.  Acts on the 7th Chakra


Green Phase

As the name implies, this is a phase-tone rock.  This means that the rock is something like a cusp in astrology; it falls between two types of rock, primarily schist and jasper and is an amalgam of both but having the entire qualities of both, so it is unique.  Green Phase is an excellent “in-bath” or “in-water” stone to balance discordant frequencies.  It is an excellent healer’s stone for this reason.  The healer can place the Green Phase at the solar plexus or heart chakra and obtain information regarding what is imbalancing the patient.  Green Phase is excellent to place near to newborns while they recover from the trauma of moving between extreme life phases and this applies to dying individuals, as well.  The qualities of this mineral enable “presence of mind” to be experienced as a generalized or localized body knowledge so that the energy nuances of life (existence) can be read more accurately over a larger mass of tissue than the brain center.