A Book of Seasons


I invite you to journey with me as we create a Book of Seasons.

This book will be a personal journal that will be a companion on our sacred walk through this new year.

As individual as each of us, no two books will be alike. It can be a diary, art journal, spell book, daily gratitude list, or something unique that speaks to your heart.  My own Book of Seasons combines all of the above.

Each month I will suggest a focus, affirmation, artistic activity and a food to explore.  This is one way of fully experiencing the “now” and bringing into our intentions the good we seek.

To begin with I suggest purchasing a blank journal.  I found one at the local drug store, but I have used composition books and spiral notebooks in the past.

A cover either sewn or decoupaged adds an inviting touch.

If using a large journal, separate the pages into 12 equal sections. I began by separating mine into four seasons.  I collaged the first page of these sections to indicate the season.  Then I used sticky note tabs for each month. My intention this year is to make a bookmark for each month as I go along.



If using a composition notebook, they are perfect for individual seasons. Just four books and you are set!

I keep my Book of Seasons in a basket with my favorite pen, a gluestick, magazines, catalogs and beautiful cards I receive.  I follow my heart and write a daily affirmation for myself.  I list all that I wish to place into a vision of a pink bubble as a tool of intention.  Doodles or mini collages grace most pages.


My first entry for January begins with an affirmation.


I breathe deep the peaceful quiet of winter’s dark night.


My thoughts for the day follow and then I completed the entry with a hot chocolate visualization.


I hope you will take the opportunity to follow along with me as we bring into being a Book of Seasons.  I would love to hear of your creative epiphanies and ideas for each month!


Blessed Be!