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So the Mayan’s got it Wrong!

I guess if you are reading this, then the Mayan’s got it wrong lol Oh well, everyone makes mistakes right haha!  I wonder just how many people bought into the whole end of the world debacle.  As a Pisces I can honestly say, this would normally have freaked me out, but I was right at the other end of the spectrum on this one, yeah even I shocked myself.  But with all the talk of the world actually moving into a more loving peaceful time; that resonated much more than the whole Armageddon philosophy.

I guess the one true thing we all are and come from is love, plain and simple really, yet confusing and complicated at the same time. But love is what makes the world go round; we are capable of changing a negative into a positive because of love, and the urge to change.

Speaking of change, what are your plans for 2013?  Do you have a word for the year? Are you a resolution kind of person, have you set yourself goals?  Are they realistic?  Is 2013 your year to change?  I have my word for 2013, well in fact I have two , I can never really settle on just one, Focus and Emerge are my words, and they are being implemented into every possible area of my life.  2012 was a good year, but I intend 2013 on being even better, I have been given so many wonderful opportunities this year and next year is my time to push forward and make these realities.

How many of us start the year with intentions of going to the gym, only to go once or twice in the whole of January, Gyms must really relish the amount of people who sign up come January lol; I guess we start with good intentions but somewhere life gets in the way and our intentions fall by the way side … right?  Is that worded better than we just give up at the first hurdle lol.  Let’s get real, those changes we want to make, aren’t going to happen unless we make them, millionaire business don’t happen by sitting back and wishing it, you also have to work at building them up and making them work.

Get you’re head into the right space, say affirmations to keep your focus and remember who you are doing this for, YOU!!  Do it for you, make yourself shine so brightly that the people around you the most will need sun glasses on just to be near you lol.  Affirmations keep our focus they keep us on the right track when we think we can’t take anymore, use them, they are the most powerful free tool we have at our disposal and best of all they truly work, I know, I use them daily and they have helped to change me and my business so I know how amazing they are.

So 2013 can be your year if you make a plan and follow it through with unwavering trust, hope and love, even if it gets sticky, just believe it can happen the answers will show themselves at the right moment and you can be who you dream to be.  Will you be tested along the way, absolutely, it’s where we learn our greatest lessons, but unwavering trust will get you through and out the other side.

Much love and light for 2013 to you and your families, each one of you a miracle!