Book Review: Magica Sexualis, Sexual Practices for Magical Power

Magica Sexualis, Sexual Practices for Magical Power







By Paschal Beverly Randolph and Maria de Nablowska and translated by Donald Traxler

© 2012 by Donald C. Traxler

ISBN: 978-1-59477=418=8

174 pages

Paperback $16.95 (U.S.)


Magica Sexualis was a pleasant surprise. I expected a book written in modern times that was basically a sex position and sex manual. Instead I found a comprehensive and in depth study of sexual practices originally complied in the 1800’s by the occultist Pashal Beverly and later translated and possibly augmented by Maria de Nablowska. This work was originally written in French, to be translated again by Donald Traxler who added an introduction to the book.

Paschal Beverly worked within a system referred to as the Brotherhood of Eulis. The brotherhood believed in an army of beings and powerful intelligences from other worlds which know the higher mysteries and that the true power of spirit is acquired in conjunction with the power of sex.  These mysteries are referred to as the mysteries of Eulis.

The first steps in this process are listed as four principles. The purpose of these principles was to develop the mental, magnetic and psychic forces; each is described along with directions on development.  The principles are listed as “Volantia”, or the ability to exercise diverse capacities calmly without exhaustion. The next is “Decretism”. This is the capacity to give orders, to impart desires, thoughts, feelings and more.  Third is the principle “Posism” is the science of gesture, which includes passive reception and active passions. Finally there is “Tirauclasirism” or the power of evocation, which is described as communication with those absent, dead or invisible.

Once the student has mastered the four principles, the student is ready to work with the magical aspects. The third section of the book covers astrology, perfumes, colors and sounds as they apply to sexual magic. When properly calculated and applied they can help with the realization of personal goals and magical operations. There are a number of tables to aid the student in establishing these goals. This is followed by rules and sexual positions. Additional chapters cover preparations, how to produce the sex of a child at the time of conception, and a type of talismanic magic for what the author refers to as the charging of the “volts”, through fluid condensers. The final section of the book deals with magical mirrors, first in theory then in practice.

This book is both informative and practical. It contains a wealth of information on sexual magic as conceived by Paxcahl Beverly Randolph and presented by Maria de Naglowska and Donald Traxler.