Book Review: The Candle & The Crossroads by Orion Foxwood

The Candle and the Crossroads

Orion Foxwood

Weiser Books

Paperback/ $19.95

ISBN: 978-1-57863-508-5

I enjoyed reading this book very much.  I found the glimpse at the beliefs and practices of the Appalachian people extremely interesting.  It appears that it is a belief system that has been verbally passed on, and then continued by each successive generation.  I really enjoyed his mother’s wisdom in simple words that he shared with the reader, it really brings her character to life.

I also found it interesting that Mr. Foxwood has great reverance for the contribution made to “Southern Conjure” by both the African peoples, who were brought here as slaves, and by the Native Americans. I would also like to mention that the information he shares on different herbs and botanicals form that area of the country is super informative.

Having followed a strictly Wiccan path for over 25 years I was surprised at some of the similarities, but amazed at the number of ways  “Conjure” is done.  I was surprised also to see a mix of biblical and elemental energy used in the types and techniques.

This is not a book one can read once and sum up, it has been a lifetime of experience accumulated by the author, who fortunately is a very nice, approachable guy who was kind enough to provide me with a Q&A e-mail that will give an opportunity to have the author address the book in his own words.  I appreciate Orion Foxwood and Kat Salazar providing this to be included.

All in all if you are wishing to expand your spiritual knowledge in general this is a great place to start.