Hally’s Hints

The Greater Purpose of Spiritual Enlightenment


More and more there are movies coming out about the state of the planet, the neglect with animals and the continued ignorance of the human race. Energy and spiritualism reflects this and the whole ending of the shift last year compounded what was going on that many are either unaware of or simply choose to ignore because it isn’t happening directly on their front lawn.


Over twelve months ago a free downloadable movie came out called “Home” which provided specifics about the planet, how the oxygen of the planet is being compromised as is the water and now with fracturing which puts poisonous gas into the main stream waters in America and more recently Australia it brings home that energy and the awareness of spiritualism is so much more than being enlightened or finding one’s path.


We each have free will and we each have our own individual path however, it is part of the collective. The purpose of being aligned or enlightened is but the starting point of the real work and the real journey. When becoming enlightened and aligned to oneself it is here that feeling what others feel, what suffering animals feel and what burning plants feel that this becomes emphasised.


Being enlightened is not about supernatural powers or ruling the world; the secret is to be part of the world and be at one with the world; the beautiful existence of life force and life forces flowing in one movement, one breath. It is here that understanding the power of energy and appreciating what true power is all about.


This is why the negative vibration and true evil can never completely rule the universe and never will. Because it is not about control or dominating the masses. It is working in balance and harmony that seeing the impossible and feeling the unbelievable become the day to day norm.


Yes, a shift has closed but in this it has opened the awareness that humans’ true power is not in destruction, even a child can do this; the power is in opening one’s heart, eyes and ears and using the ability to spiritually connect and align that healing in its true sense becomes relevant.


It is here the greater purpose becomes the individual purpose and it is here that those that are open to venturing the line of existing as one with all life force that shamans, like myself, witches, like myself and spiritual gurus, like myself understand it is not about meditation or preaching should/shouldn’ts. It is about something bigger than all but yet part of all. To speak with plants and hear crystals offer their energy to help heal or heal an animal miles and miles away; in this the power of the universe becomes the purest and most beautiful.


On your spiritual journey, seek not for enlightenment but what you can fulfill through this connection.