Moon Owl Observations

Romi Kumu


            This Goddess is not an overly well known one. But I think sometimes I need to broaden my horizons and look into some Gods and Goddesses that may conflict with my beliefs and knowledge of gods and goddesses. There are many branches of Paganism and I will be touching on one I personally have not looked into too much. I’m hoping that maybe someone else will find her interesting.


Romi Kumu is the Goddess of willpower and was a major goddess to the Baransama people. Her main following would be people from South America. It is believed that she is the Great Mother and that she created the world and everything in it. This includes the Underworld.


Legend has it that Romi Kumu had a gourd that the Baransama people coveted. They chased her and she fled into the East. She tried fending them off but they wanted to kill her when they found out she had the wrong gourd. They were so angry that she ended up climbing into the sky to become the Pleides. Now, this might conflict with your beliefs as it did mine. I still love the story and love this interpretation. Because of this legend the gourd is clearly a huge symbol for her.


This South American Goddess of Creation is strongly connected to the Rainforest and Tigers. Her sacred stone is the bloodstone, which is the symbol of the warrior. Which suits her well considering she is a strong, powerful and aggressive goddess.


To call to Romi Kumu, and to try and connect to this Goddess, you should light a red candle and some incense to help carry your words. Make a fan from red paper and upon the folds write:


Strength of heart,

Strength of Will

Can my dearest

Dreams fulfill


Fasten the fan and wave the fan through the incense smoke to spread it around. Say the words for each fold.

When you have done this you should place the fan under your pillow and before you sleep attempt to remember that you can will your dreams. Reinforce that you have the power to control your own life. Romi Kumu will help with your willpower.

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