Astro Report for March 2013

Strong Stellium in Pisces

All Month long…

A Stellium in astrological terms is a group of Planets sharing the same Sign. From the beginning of the month, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto are spread out in the Sign of Pisces. That’s five Planets – half of the total Astro Planets – hugging each other. As the month progresses, the Moon enters as Planet number 6 into the whirlpool of energy and pushes Mars out after New Moon. Mars begins its new trek in Aries with Neptune and for a short while, the Moon joins the Arian Stellium. Every day this month, the Stellium throws its weight around pulling on the Earth with a heavy hand.


Mars, a Planet of action, the Sun with all its personal power and energy, Venus showing off her hedonistic desires, retrograde Mercury wobbling across the face of the Sun and transformative Pluto all are playing against the Earth. It’s a month of mayhem and chaos about to erupt, however with diligence and serenity, March will create a moment in time that will enhance our abilities of fortitude and demeanor.



Daylight Savings begins

Sunday, March 10, 20132 am EST: change clocks to 3 am


It’s that time of year when clocks move forward an hour to instill Daylight Savings Time that the Energy Policy Act of 2005 enacted. As an Astrology Student and Teacher, I feel it is necessary to remind folks as the time gets closer, so it doesn’t surprise you the following Monday morning when you arrive to work an hour too late. SMILE

You will LOSE an hour of sleep… Share this among your family and friends.

The current general rule of Daylight Savings Time is:

Start: Second Sunday in March to change clocks an hour ahead and lose an hour of sleep…

End: First Sunday in November to change clocks an hour back and gain an hour of sleep…

Time: 2 am local time


Though mentioned by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, the modern idea of daylight savings was first proposed in 1895 by George Vernon Hudson and it was first implemented during World War I. Many countries have used it at various times since then.

The practice has been both praised and criticized. Adding daylight to evenings benefits retailing, sports and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours, but can cause problems for evening entertainment and other occupations tied to the Sun. Its effect on health and crime is less clear. Although an early goal of DST was to reduce the evening usage of incandescent lighting, formerly a primary use of electricity. Today, modern heating and cooling usage patterns differ greatly and research about how DST currently affects energy use is limited or contradictory.


New Moon in Pisces

Monday, March 11, 20132:50 pm EST

The emotional Moon travels thru Psychic Pisces with extra care and concern. Take criticisms with a grain of salt. Folks do not intend to hurt feelings whether spoken verbally or hinted at. Be mindful of your overindulgence to creativity; sometimes you can find yourself wrapped up in your own creativity and lose track of time.



Mars enters Aries

Tuesday, March 12, 20132:16 am EDT

The warrior Planet enters its Rulership Sign. It is a time to take action and be assertive being careful to avoid impulsive behaviors. As a Sign, Aries is very outgoing and affirmative. Spring is ready to burst forth as many of the flower beds are beginning to pop their heads out of the ground. Keep your wits about you as the rest of the world becomes anxious around you.



Venus enters Aries

Thursday, March 21, 201310:58 am EDT

Venus is detriment in Aries meaning that she is harmed or injured. The Planet of lust and love feels the hurt and anger of the Warrior. She will ride thru the Sign with care and concern, but she will be hurt on more than one occasion by no fault of her own. For the feminine and effeminate, be aware of the wrath of the Warriors in your life.



Pi Day – Midnight

Thursday, March 14, 2013 (3/14) – Midnight

Pi is the symbol used in mathematics to represent the constant ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter – 3.14. Although it’s an irrational and transcendental number, it can be calculated to its infinite sum. However, only a handful of numbers is needed for intricate calculations. Today marks a special holiday, when, world-wide, folks celebrate the mathematical constant. People even enjoy eating Pi Pie and celebrate Albert Einstein’s birthday.



Ides of March – sunrise

Friday, March 15, 20136:24 am EST

The Ides of March are always on the 15th – the same with June, September and December. In all other months, the Ides fall on the 13th. To the Romans, the Ides marked a division between the first half of the month to the second half of the month and it was considered an unlucky day. Originally, it marked the date of the Full Moon, but that fell out sync right away when it was initiated. The famous date of March 15th marks the assassination and death of the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, in 44 BCE – talk about bad luck!




St Patrick’s Day – sunrise

Sunday, March 17, 20137:20 am EDT

Saint Patrick’s Day [Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig (The Festival of Patrick); Ulster-Scots: Saunt Petherick’s Day] is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March. It commemorates Saint Patrick (c. AD 387–461), the most commonly recognized of the patron saints of Ireland, and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion (especially the Church of Ireland), the Eastern Orthodox Church and Lutheran Church. Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official feast day in the early seventeenth century, and has gradually become a secular celebration of Irish culture in general.

The day is generally characterized by the attendance of church services, wearing of green attire and the lifting of Lenten restrictions on eating, and drinking alcohol, which is often proscribed during the rest of the season. St Patrick is said to have chased all the snakes from Ireland. This is a metaphor, where the snakes represented the heathen Healers of the land, namely witches. St Patrick was the representative of the Catholic Church and Christianity in general. As the Church began to take over the heathen traditions and lore, the snakes were chased from Ireland. However, history tells us they merely went underground.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador and in Montserrat. It is also widely celebrated by the Irish diaspora, especially in places such as Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand, among others. Today, St. Patrick’s Day is probably the most widely celebrated saint’s day in the world.


Mercury goes Direct – Pisces at 19 degrees

Sunday, March 17, 20138:17 pm EDT

Ah, finally… Communications can go back to being normal. (Normal? Normal is a setting on my dryer!) Those computer malfunctions or testy quirks will soon subside. Mercury will take a stand among the other Planets as the Healing begins. Family squabbles will make amends and friends will return to their favored positions. As Mercury transits thru Pisces, express your versatility within the mystic arts. Allow yourself to open up and walk the Astral Path. You can relax again!



Sun enters Aries

Wednesday, March 20, 20136:50 am EDT

The Sun is exalted in Aries. Time to take charge of your life again! The warrior aspect of the Sign allows you to take a firm control of your Path. Be assertive about your endeavors and avoid being aggressive. Competition can be fun in the spirit of the game, but avoid allowing it to take over your heart and mind. Avoid being obsessive!



Ostara (no –mas ending)

Wednesday, March 20, 20137:15 am EDT – sunrise

Names: Vernal/Spring Equinox, Ostara, Eostar, Lady Day, Earrach, Alban Eilir, Festival of Trees, G?yl Ganol y Gwanwyn (Welsh)

Date: Mar 21st

Astro Correspondence: Sun enters Aries (first day of Spring)
Color: pastels

Food: pig/pork, egg entrees, breads, fish, fresh salad, honey, fruit juices, wine

Common Info: story of Persephone, Demeter and Hades, Story of Eostre and her bunnies and eggs, 2nd Fertility Fest, Watering the Flowers,


Alban Eiler (Ostara) is the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere. The date is typically March 21st or when the Sun enters Aries. This is a time when the Goddess gives birth to the God. This was typically observed with bird watching, because most birds would begin to migrate back to their summer nests and began their mating seasons. There is a strong association to birds and eggs. This Gaelic Festival of the Mother Ishtar (properly pronounced like “Easter”) was symbolized with bunnies, chicks and decorated eggs. Sacred foods were generously sweetened with natural maple sugars or honey.

The Christian holiday, Easter, is always held the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, so it will be celebrated on Sunday, March 31st this year. It is being coined the term “Resurrection Day”, for the term Easter is of Pagan decent and has nothing to with the resurrection of the Christian martyr, Jesus.



Full Moon in Libra at 6 degrees

Wednesday, March 27, 20135:26 am EDT

When the emotional Moon is in fruition in the air Sign of Libra, you can expect to be intellectually adaptive, impractical and superficial. It’s like you know how to cut corners and bend the rules when your heartstrings are being played. You have the advantage though. Avoid going to extremes and playing the Devil’s advocate. Find balance in any relationship.



Native Lore

The Full Moon names are aplenty this month. The Crow Moon, the Crust Moon, the Sap Moon and the Worm Moon are some of the given names. Crows start their mating season at this time of year, so their caws are heard quite pronounced. It bellows the end of winter. Crows and Owls are typically enemies. So while one species sleeps, the other is scavenging for food. It is rare to see Crows and Owls at the same time.


The Full Crust Moon is given due to the nature of snow melting and thawing – it forms a light crust and it crunches under foot when animals or hunters walk upon it. It is very difficult to sneak upon your prey.


Tapping the trees for Maple Syrup is at a peak during the month of March. The best saps run at this time of year. Due to the high sugary content, the sap is quite fluid. After it is boiled down to about 1/3 of its viscosity, Maple Syrup is canned and labeled for sale.


As temperatures begin to warm up, the ground begins to thaw and the worms come out of hibernation. They become fodder for the Robins, which is a tell-tale sign of Spring!!



Venus conjuncts the Sun in Aries at 8 degrees

Thursday, March 28, 201310:59 am EDT

The Planet of love and devotion joins forces with the Sun this month. When Venus moves forward, it travels behind the Sun. Since the Sun never goes retrograde, its movement in the sky continues forward. When Venus overtakes the Sun, it is with a gentle nudge. The energy involved can be exhilarating. The love of the Goddess and the astute solar God, become one. Prepare to turn on the charm and have fun!!

This Conjunction marks one of five over a four-year period. Typically, a Conjunction is when two Planets crossover each other from the Earth’s perspective, whether that Conjunction is direct or retrograde. If you were to superimpose those Venus Conjunctions in the sky and view those five points, it would be obvious that you were looking at a five-point star in the heavens. This Pentacle of the Sky has been known for eons by many cultures. See Venus Transits below.


Venus Transits

“Venus transits” literally means how Venus “travels”. As a Planet, Venus travels around the Sun in an inner circle never going more than 43 degrees away from the Sun from the Earth’s perspective. And during its transit, it becomes Conjunct with the Sun every 9 months or so – a human gestation period. These points in the heavens are about 72 degrees apart. Every 4 years, it returns to the same point in the sky (direct or retrograde) within 1-2 days and 1-2 degrees. Within that 4 year period it creates a 5-point star in the sky – A Pentacle in the Sky.

Gestation is a result of pro-creation… making love. Venus, as a Planet, rules Love. She is a Goddess of love and “merry-making”, even though she can be hedonistic about it. The cycle of Venus in the sky is quite predictable. I was thumbing thru the Ephemeris checking it out and sure enough every 9 months or so, Venus is conjunct the Sun – whether Direct or Retrograde. After 4 years, she returns to the same area of the Chart within 1-2 days and 1-2 degrees. Very predictable, she is… and those points in the sky are usually retrograde – going backwards in the Zodiac.

So what are the Venus transits of 2013?

There is only one that happens in 2013 – March 28th. It’s the only time Venus is conjunct the Sun in 2013. It happens in Aries at 8 degrees. The energy preceding this moment is significant, because it builds up (applies). In fact, Venus is direct at this time, meaning that the energy is applying; the Sun seems to be moving forward to a point in the sky and Venus is moving forward to that same point in the sky, but it seems like Venus is racing to catch up to the Sun… Remember that Venus, when direct, means she is on the opposite side of the Sun, so folks from Earth will not have the ability to watch the moment of Conjunction – whereas when retrograde, we can see her cross the face of the Sun. Venus tends to cross the Sun in about 6-8 hours or so.

An applying Planet has strong energy and means that the Planet is going in same direction as the other Planet it’s catching up to; it’s just that one overtakes the other. Usually, the faster moving Planet aspects (acts upon) the slower Planet. A faster Planet closing in on the other slower Planet applies or builds up energy and separates (grows weaker) when moving away. A Doppler effect takes place and the energy can be quite rebounding with similar aftershocks.