Red Pixie’s Elements of a Magickal Life

Gratitude Mindset

Our world is infinitely abundant and we all deserve our share of that abundance, all we have to do is be prepared to accept it. However, the reality is that at a subconscious level many of us simply do not believe that we deserve the prosperity that we seek. This often manifests from other underlying issues such as low self-esteem, fearfulness, guilt or any number of other negative beliefs. In order to achieve true prosperity, it is necessary to identify and release these underlying negative beliefs. Remember our external reality mirrors our internal beliefs, how we think the world is for us becomes our reality. By changing your inner thinking you can change your external reality.

Prosperity means different things to different people, for some it is monetary and material things, for others it is spiritual and emotional issues. True prosperity comes from achieving balance in all aspects of our lives. Prosperity is having your innermost needs and desires met at all levels and being able to fully enjoy them. Prosperity is something you experience in your mind and thoughts, it is not an external state and it is therefore quite possible to experience prosperity at any level of income.

It is a fundamental law of the universe that what we focus on grows. If we continually think about what we lack, that is what will grow for us. To achieve real prosperity we must learn to focus on what we have. Showing gratitude for what we have is one of the most powerful techniques for achieving prosperity.

A great idea is to keep what is known as a Gratitude Journal. You could buy attractive journal with lined pages or buy a simple one and decorate it by pasting a montage of magazine cuttings of all your favourite things on the cover. I recommend keeping it by your bed, with your favourite pen and writing in it just before you go to bed.

All you have to do is simply write down 5 things you are grateful for that day. It could be as simple as a stranger giving you a wonderful smile, to the joy of having your family around you, it could be waking up to the sound of the birds singing or a stranger holding a door open for you, it doesn’t have to always be about the big things, your health, your family, your lover.  It’s time we started to think about the smaller things in life that brighten our day, these are the things that we never usually think about and yet totally take for granted like the sound of the water crashing the shore.  You could therefore be grateful for the ability to hear when so many people are deaf and cannot hear, see sometimes its about taking stock and really thinking about it.

Once you start to show your gratitude for the things you already have in your life the more the universe will provide you with, doors will open where before there were none.  It’s good to get into the habit of being grateful, and to establish a new habit they say can take up to four weeks, once its established the hard parts done.  So everyday write in your journal, practice your thank yous, and when something wonderful happens say thank you, you can say it in your head or out loud, how you say it isn’t the issue, saying it is.

Remember above all else enjoy this practice; you are totally worth the investment, the investment in yourself to be the best you; you can possibly be.

Bright Blessings