Hally’s Hints

The Ebbs and Flow of Change

Over the past month there is no doubt that the energy has been intense. Many believed that after December 21st things would settle down. Whether there was an anticipation of this becoming hum drum or quiet, then they were sorely mistaken.

Each full moon brings with it the truth of what is going on. It is the overwhelming sense that things of this nature are on the increase. There is that sense of two sides coming together however, it seems as though the puzzle pieces are taking their time to fall into place let alone provide any real clarity to the situation for many.

But this is not a bad thing. There is always a push and a pull, the ebb and flow of energy and life. However, this is becoming more pronounced due to certain areas requiring addressing that are becoming fundamental rather than a passing thought.

Ten; twenty years ago the thought of healing, health and helping others in a spiritual nature was there but it had a different approach. Anything that was ‘new age’ was treated as something inconsequential. Fortunately with the hype of last year the realisation that the ‘new age’ is simply the ‘old age’ in current times has helped bring with it the awareness that there is so much more going on than many can begin to fathom.

The next month will continue with its sense of to-ing and fro-ing but the extent will be up to each person individually. The dark energy, or as some like to refer to it as negative energy and then there is another version being the lower vibration of energy, is losing its grip. This is why there are more ghost hunter deaths, demon possessions, more paranormal disturbances but unfortunately many continue to seek the quick fix and go the cheap route rather than doing this properly. Hence the increase of issues as the dark energy is absorbing this as fast as it can. The eagerness is because light energy is pushing through. Whilst this isn’t anything unusual, the intensity of it has increased.

Many may now start to see their gifts becoming more pronounced. Unfortunately this also means there are more of those “experts” out there trying to make a buck on some person. But like anything fake and false, this cannot be sustained; much like dark energy.

These are praying on those that want the quick fix for a cheap cost and it is fascinating to watch this self sabotage at play. But like leading a horse to drink water the choice must be through free will and through free will alone.

There are a few that know what to do with possessions, dark energy, paranormal disturbances and there are only a few that are authentic experts. Look not for the hype but one that can back their claims with knowledge, experience and integrity. Everyone is a psychic but not everyone can do this under pressure and for the benefit of saving someone’s life when they don’t realise that this is how serious it can become very quickly.

It is a time of change, moreso than ever before. But… do not allow this to compromise on yourself, your integrity or your values because it will be you and your loved that will suffer. Sometimes it is worth taking a breath or doing some research. Sometimes it is worth realising that dark and light are governed by your free will in your world.