May is here!  By now, most of us are blessed with the beauty of a fully blooming Earth.  Here in the deep South, we are enjoying “the yellow season”.  The pollen is so thick that it makes everything including the air itself, yellow!  Only rain can clear the air and we are blessed with rain this year.  The energy of life is contagious and before we exhaust ourselves let’s remember the source of this life.


The affirmation for May is


I rest in the arms of Mother Goddess.


Fully nestled within the beauty and bounty of Spring, I am, indeed, resting within the fragrant, colorful arms of Mother Goddess.  Breathing in the sweet air, filling my lungs full of life, I, too, feel renewed.


Creativity pulses through me and I have a need to bring forth something of beauty!  The mother energy is strong and though my time to create babies is past, each idea that I germinate and nurture into being fills me with purpose and joy.


A nest to hold and nurture creative ideas will be our project. This is lovingly created by a deep instinct to cradle, care for and bring into being new life.  I love watching the birds scurry to and fro collecting this and that for their nests.  I place hair from our brushes and yarn scraps out for them to gather.  We have very colorful nests in our yard!


There are many ways to build a nest. Nests are simple bowls.  Outside nature shows us the way.  Freshly cut grass; leaves and twigs; vines and moss; clay and mud are available.  Ask for permission and leave a gift in thanks.


Gather the materials of Mother Earth and add anything else that calls your heart.  You can either weave or form into shape and place on a small plate.  Decorate and make it beautiful, for this will hold our intent to create as well as receive blessings.  I have woven bowls that sit on my altar.  They remind me to rest and receive so that I may in turn give of my blessings.


A simple picnic is perfect for May!  A blanket under a blooming tree with the music of birds cheering us!  Simple, light food and drink that you enjoy and perhaps the company of someone that brings you joy can make for a lovely day.


In the arms of the Goddess is my spiritual nest.  A place where I am fed, nurtured, encouraged to be brave and fly.  A nest I may return to in order to remember my many blessings!