Astro Report for June 2013

Venus enters Cancer

Sunday, June 2, 20139:56 pm EDT

Love is blissful when Venus enters Cancer. There is deep concern and caring between partners. Love making is true to heart and offers emotional connections. Until Venus exits Cancer, be passionate and compassionate with your partner and the benefits will astound you.


Neptune goes Retrograde – Pisces at 5 degrees

Thursday, June 7, 20138:45 am EDT

The “Pink Fog Machine” normally keeps us from seeing the truth clearly, because Neptune can askew our vision. When retrograde, Neptune can see things more clearly, like the fog has been lifted, for a short time. It helps you to understand the higher concepts of beauty, love and spirituality.


New Moon in Gemini – 18 degrees

Saturday, June 8, 201311:56 am EDT

A New Moon in Gemini can be quite tricky to experience. New Moons benefit from new emotions and imaginations. Gemini as a Sign can cause excitability and people will talk up a storm – becoming gossip geese. When the New Moon creates this new energy of emotion and imaginations, it propagates the excitability of the gossip geese – honk, honk, honk, honk… There seems to be no end to the talking and gossip. Avoid getting too involved in those types of conversations, because they only cause trouble in the long run.


Sun enters Cancer – Happy Birthday, Cancer!!

Friday, June 21, 201312:52 am EDT

Cancer is the most emotional of all Signs. Folks born under this Sign tend to be motherly and compassionate by nature, but it can go to an extreme where the motherly effect becomes smothery. Cancer can create an air of crankiness if provoked. If you find yourself offended by something or somebody, you may find yourself sulking away in your crab shell. Change your moods and you mannerisms and be the joyful, playful person you yearn to be and you will see that happiness is far better than moodiness.


Litha at sunrise – Sun in Cancer – 0 degrees

Friday, June 21, 20135:44 am EDT at Sunrise

Litha/Midsummer (no -mas)

Names: Midsummer, Litha (a name occurring in Bede‘s “Reckoning of Time” [De Temporum Ratione, 7th century] Bede writes that “Litha means ‘gentle’ or ‘navigable’), Samradh, Summer Solstice, Alban Hefin, Aerra Litha, G?yl Ganol yr Haf (Welsh)

Date: Jun 21st (longest day of Solar Year/waning half begins)

Astro Correspondence: Sun enters Cancer (first day of Summer)
Color: whites and yellows,

Food: earliest fresh fruits and vegetables, soups, breads, pasta, chicken, pork, wine, sangria, iced teas,

Common Info: “Midsummer’s Night Dream” is enacted by Shakespeare, Battle of Oak/Holly Kings (Holly wins), Sun at highest peak and begins its descent (wanes),


Alban Heffyn (Midsummer or Litha) is the Celtic Festival of the Oak. It is the last day for the Oak King to reign. It is usually on the 1st day of summer (June 21st) or when the Sun enters Cancer. It is the Summer Solstice. It is also known as St John’s Day. Ogmios, Arianrhod, Huon and Math are usually celebrated as the Gods. Celebrations consist of herb hunting (St Johnswort), pickling early vegetables, circle readings and Fairy Hunts. Oak leaves are typical symbols of the season and open-face Green Men hang from walls. Foods sacred to the Sabbat include any fresh fruit, especially strawberries. Now is the time to hunt for mistletoe so it is easily found at Yule.

The Fairy Realm is quite active at this time, so honor them with milk and honey. Leave simple, shiny gifts for them and they won’t steal your keys or your kids.



Full Moon in Capricorn – 2 degrees

Sunday, June 23, 20137:32 am EDT

When the Full Moon is in Capricorn, we tend to experience stability within our emotions. It is easier to make peace and find serenity within. Meditations can be profound at this time. This Full Moon is determined to be cautious though. Although emotions are practical, they are also safely tucked away to avoid disorder and chaos. Try to find time to let loose a little and be yourself with an air of inhibition.



Native Lore

The Strawberry Moon yields some of the tastiest fruits this time of year, especially on the Full Moon. Gather them fresh as the dew washes them in the morning. Roses come into full fruition on the Rose Full Moon in June. Take time to smell the roses!! This is also the time of year when I like making Rose Petal Mead. The days are hot and so are the early parts of the evening. A Full Moon in June can offer a Hot Full Moon. It’s a good time to work Moon energy skyclad, if possible.



Jupiter enters Cancer

Tuesday, June 25, 20138:25 pm EDT

As a Social Planet, Jupiter represents expansion, generosity and abundance with a little luck thrown in for good measure. Jupiter will remain in this Sign for about a year so enjoy the bliss and happiness that Cancer can help to entice. Avoid the excessive moodiness and crankiness that could happen by rising above and avoiding the drama!



Mercury goes Retrograde – Cancer at 23 degrees

Wednesday, June 26, 20131:23 pm EDT

Be prepared for communications to go awry. Back up your computers, verify your writings and think about what you’re going to say before you utter a word. As a Planet of communications, Mercury’s role can elicit free-flowing words of wisdom. However, make it retrograde and you might find that foot in your mouth more often than not. You might find computer glitches and down-time as commonplace during a Mercury Retrograde. At work, bring a book to read while you wait for the computer geeks to reboot the computer systems. As a minor Planet in health issues, it is best to watch your diet, drink plenty of water and wash your hands often. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when Mercury slides across the face of the Sun.



Venus enters Leo

Thursday, June 27, 201312:48 pm EDT

Testing the waters of independence can be the energy of the moment. Venus enjoys her hedonistic charm, but she requires a partner to share that energy. When in Leo, she gets to spotlight herself and she will show off her talents.



Flag Day – Sun in Gemini at 23 degrees

Friday, June 14, 2013Midnight

Just as the flags wave in the air, so will the conversations. Be brave and boast about your skills and talents. Tell everybody how well you managed your tasks and goals.



Father’s Day – Sun in Gemini at 25 degrees

Sunday, June 16, 2013Midnight

Dads are in the spotlight. Remind him how much he inspired you. Tell him how he changed you and your life for the better. He deserves a pat on the back for a job well done!