Hally’s Hints



From one article to the next there is, and has been, so much talk of shifts upon shifts. There has been so much talk about change, transition, the overwhelming intensity from the moon, the eclipse and simply the list continues, more and more. The question is that at what point do these shifts find their equilibrium; at what point do they balance and enable becoming whole? What if they already have?


What is these incredible sensations are not “shifting” but rather integrating creating the vibrational discomfort similar to that of shifts?


From the corrupt to the divine, each soul has its own pure intention in which to fulfill. Whilst this often is impacted by the external sources, the ambient environment, the core itself will adjust however, remain the same. The same is not meant as a status quo as a soul, its evolution and being is, and can never be, a status quo due to is ebbs and flows. Of course the result of integration impacts all of this additionally. The extent of integration is based on the decision of each individual and it is this, the free will, that creates the impact of the fluctuating sensations. In other words, the decision is always up to the individual.


So, yes, there are great shifts at play. Yes, these seem more significant and play on the interpretation of increased intensity. However, the intensity is based on each and the impact on the collective. The more that one opens themselves into this awareness through their core the more this will affect each passing shift.


Whilst each is individual is unique, in perfect form, in natural form, each is connected and thus, will affect the overall. Resistance to change and openness within self is what turns the flow into an eff. Then when this is taken into one’s self this has a tendency to become a  mirror image of the environment.


The easiest way to move from A to B, from open to aware to enlightened is to simply engage and connect to the core of Self. Like a boat on the ocean it has the choice to co-exist in harmony or drowned in the consuming force of resistance.


Simply… be you and allow yourself to connect to what is important – you.